Law School Experience at Symbiosis Law School, Noida: Continuous Growth & Learning


Full name of your college

Symbiosis Law School, Noida


Uttar Pradesh





Full Address

62-A Block Phase, 47/48 Opposite Nokia Siemens Building Sector, 2, Block A, Industrial Area, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201301.

Good things about the University based on your personal experience

Delhi has a number of law firms and its easy for learners at SLS, Noida to take full advantage of this.

Also, the Supreme Court, Hight Court and various district courts also provide a great opportunity for providing a practical experience.

Director sir at SLS, Noida makes learners comfortable and organizes sessions such as open house on regular intervals to know about the opinions and suggestions of students on various topics.

Bad things about the University based on your personal experience

One of the major missing is that the college does not have many societies in which students can participate and grow.

The college is still in its growing stage and one has to be active to grab the opportunities present outside the college.

Exams happen regularly for example internal quizzes and tutorials go on for three-four weeks continuously.

This leads to a lack of participation in co-curricular activities by the learners.

How’s the faculty?

The faculty is experienced but there’s no direct contact with the faculty and other departments due to the hybrid mode.

Sometimes urgent things also gets delayed due to communication over mail.

And one cannot get personal mentorship if s/he is facing any problem; which could be possible if the college was working in offline environment.

Rate the faculty out of 5


How’s the infrastructure? Mention some of the things that exist.

The college has a very good infrastructure.

The library at college is well maintained. Classrooms are spacious as well as air conditioned.

The college is near to the metro station thus helping students to commute easily. 

Rate the infrastructure out of 5


How’s your hostel experience?

Hostel present in the college is mainly for girls only. Other students prefer to live on rented area or in PGs present near the college.

Rate your hostel experience


How are your peers?

Being an introvert, I have not interacted with many of my batchmates but have made some friends who are supportive.

The crowd is good as they have entered the college after clearing a national level entrance test as well as a personal interview.

Rate your peers out of 5


How are the placements in your college?

The college does provide internships through the internship cell.

The campus placement rate is not that high.

After completing their degree, one can opt for judiciary, litigation, corporate jobs, academics or pursue an LLM.

Rate the placements out of 5


How are the co-curriculars in your college?

Many events are organized within the college for example cultural evenings, halloween party, etc.

Also, there are various webinars that are organized.

They are related to environmental awareness, skill development, etc. 

And various quizzes are also organized related to the constitution and other current topics.

Rate your college in terms of co-curriculars out of 5


Share photos 

Moot court at Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA                                          The moot court room during an ongoing round

Classrooms at Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA                                                                        The classroom
Symbiosis Law School, Noida Logo                                                                           The logo
Building of Symbiosis Law School, Noida                                                              A front view of the campus

What are some of the things you’d advise to a 1st year aspirant who enters your college?

One most important thing which I would advice to a 1st year aspirant would be that s/he should be having a habit of reading.

Reading not only about academics but other things in which one has interest in.

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