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Law School Experience at Jamia Milia Islamia: Great Faculties & Amazing Peers


Full name of your college

Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia


New Delhi





Full Address

Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Nagar, Okhla, New Delhi, Delhi -110025.

Good things about the University based on your personal experience

When it comes to Law school entrance examinations and preparations one can look forward to months of studying and a systematic approach towards handling different subjects.

And out of 53,574 students that appeared for CLAT in 2021, only 2522 landed seats in various NLUs.

A particular fact that isn’t spoken very often is that CLAT requires a command over the English language that is not possessed by many students from India’s suburbs.

Jamia Millia Islamia has been a place that has worked against that model for years now, with an entrance exam that primarily focuses on general studies. This step has abled Jamia to select a more diverse group of future lawyers.

Apart from the group differing from each other, everyone here holds the exact same regard for law and everything that comes with it.

Considering the curriculum Jamia follows, students are not left burdened with classes and assignments only. Thus one has enough time to network and navigate through opportunities.

Bad things about the University based on your personal experience

Something that one cannot shake off while being a student of Jamia is the ongoing reflection of the socio-political landscape on its campus.

From protests to all-year-long activism, Jamia never fails to promote the voices of the suppressed.

But like every good thing that comes with a price, this particular aspect of the university brings a lot of heat and tension in the lives of scholars and students associated with the Jamia.

How’s the faculty?

Once you’re in law school you cannot help; but not think about how to curate your career five years ahead of time, however, there’s an assurance I get, knowing I can always turn to my faculty for the best possible counsel.

Every single professor I’ve encountered has brought nothing but a command of their subject and incredible knowledge to the class.

Even though we’ve been stuck to our homes since the pandemic and online classes have been the way through, never have I or any of my peers felt that this just might hinder our grades or we will lack the conceptuality of what we are studying.

Rate the faculty out of 5


How’s the infrastructure? Mention some of the things that exist.

The infrastructure of the entire university is more than anything one can ask for.

The Faculty of Law, stands 4-floors tall with the top 2-floors allotted to the Department of Law. The building comes with a moot courtroom and a library.

Apart from that we as students of Jamia at large have access to the central library, sports complex, auditorium, amphitheater, etc.

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How are your peers?

Going by the ongoing culture in our university, students aren’t hesitant to be vocal about their thoughts and opinions while having a welcoming attitude towards different perspectives.

The seniors have been nothing but helpful in every aspect of our ongoing law school journey, from organizing intra-faculty events to reaching out for help with semester concerns and internships.

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How are the placements in your college?

The placements aren’t all that great but the placement cell of Jamia has been improving drastically.

However, if one chooses to be not reliant on the college for opportunities, the location of the Jamia serves the purpose very well.

Being located in South Delhi, we have better access to district Courts, High Court, the Supreme Court, and all the corporate offices that’s required to us as students. 

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How are the co-curriculars in your college?

Although, CoVID has restricted us to the confines of our homes, this hasn’t stopped Jamia to get the best out of their students.

By far the college has successfully organized intra-faculty online elocution competitions, debates, and quizzes.

Furthermore, we are provided with the option of choosing among societies like – Drama, Literature, Business, Singing, and Dance amongst others.

Over the years the college has also organized Model United Nations and Ted-X attracting wide acclaim.

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What are some of things you’d advise to a 1st year aspirant who enters your college?

Even though I am not way far ahead in my journey to reflect and perceive something of importance out of it but being a law aspirant one should definitely gain some sort of perspective about what they want out of law school.

And the kind of career they want to make ahead. Once you have a clear picture in front of yourself, every little step doesn’t feel intimidating.

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