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Law Pundits’ Legal Education and Service Expo 2017 [New Delhi, Pune and Bangalore]: Registration Open


LEASE 2017 is the fourth iteration of legal higher education and services exhibition for law students and law professionals organized by Law Pundits Global.

It will act as a platform for law students and legal professionals to interact with representatives from various law schools and legal services firms around the world.

LEASE 2017 will provide you with an in-depth and extensive look at the various options available all over the world.

Why Exhibit in LEASE 2017?

For Exhibitors this will be the ideal platform to exhibit their services to one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world and create credible brand awareness.

With its tightly focused profiles and carefully targeted audiences, LEASE 2017 is a highly cost-effective sales and marketing platform.

Keep up with the latest developments and advances in the fields of law technology and legal services. LEASE 2017 will help you to get in touch with and interact with the top professionals and customers in your field and get valuable feedback on how to improve and innovate.

Walk away with insight on current challenges facing your sector and gauge the direction that your industry is going in.

You can reach a large proportion of this largely untapped market in a short space of time.

Raise your law school’s profile, change market perceptions and generate credible sales leads by exhibiting in this one of a kind opportunity.

Why attend LEASE?

The Legal Education and Service Expo (LEASE) 2017 is the best platform you will have as a lawyer or law student in India to directly interact with admissions directors, professors or deans of several world renowned prestigious universities.

After the success of LEASE 2014; which took place in New Delhi and LEASE 2015 and LEASE 2016 which took place in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Dubai. LEASE 2017 is taking place in New Delhi, Pune and Bangalore.

The LEASE has a conference in the morning session, which is a highly useful session on various aspects relating to studying and practicing law in other countries.

Please select the city nearest to you.  If you are a final year law student or penultimate law student , or a lawyer intending to do an LLM., you will be given priority.

Please note that space for conference in each city is limited, and is strictly on a first come first serve basis. We look forward to welcoming you to LEASE 2017.

Registration Procedure

To register, click HERE.

For further details, click HERE.

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