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Law Press Online’s 365 Legal Blogging Competition: Accepting 365 Registrations Only, Register by March 31

By: Aprajita Karki | March 9, 2019
About the organisation:

Law Press (www.lawpress.online) publishes a number of bi-annual online journals on contemporary legal developments and key subjects viz. constitutional law, criminal law, corporate law, IPR, international law, and technology law. 

It is a medium for legal scholars – be it law students, academicians, professionals, or judges – to make original contributions to the legal field. We also publish a blog on myriad legal issues.]

About the competition:

The 365 Legal Blogging Competition is aimed at promoting law students to write 1000-word blogs on contemporary legal topics. The competition will accept 365 registrations.

After registration ends, a publication date will be allotted to each author – the author must submit his post-at-least 10 days prior to the publication date so that the post can be reviewed and edited if needed.  

Law Press will then post one blog daily until we reach the mark of 365. At the end of the competition, the winners will be declared.

Rules of the competition:
  • Only law students may register for this completion.
  • Articles should not exceed 1000 words.
  • Articles should be on contemporary law topics only.
  • Plagiarism is strictly discouraged – posts should be original and will be checked for plagiarism.
  •  Law Press will accept 365 registrations for this competition.
  • Articles have to be submitted in .doc or .docx format.
  •  For main text, use: Font- Times New Roman; size- 12; justified; 1.5 line spacing. 2.2.
  • For footnotes, use Font- Times New Roman; size- 10; justified; single line spacing.
  • Certificate of Merit to top 3 blog posts (declared at the end of the competition) and cash prizes of ₹5000, ₹3000 and ₹2000 respectively.
  • Assured publication of all posts.
  • Digital participation certificate to all authors.
  • Editorial assistance from our editors to all authors.

Fee and registration:

  • The registration fee for the competition is ₹50 only.
  • Registration fee should be paid online, click here (please contact Rahul @ 7903435470 for payment related issues)
  • After paying the registration fee, please register yourself here (use the same email and phone number as you have used for payment of fee)
  • The last date of registration is 31st March 2019.
The website link is here.

365 Legal Blogging Competition

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