Call for Chapters: Law Mantra’s Edited Book on Patent, Traditional Knowledge, Biotechnology Law: Submit by Nov 15

About the Institute

Law Mantra is a registered charitable trust with the Government of India under the India Trusts Act 1882 (Registration No. 150 in Book Number 4 Vol No 3, 603 of 2018).“

Law Mantra” has headquarters in New Delhi and is a body of Jurists, Advocates, Academicians and Students running for the purpose of enhancing legal academics and legal awareness in the society and in the practice of the same.

About the Book

This Call for chapter is for contributions in an edited Book on the theme Patent, Traditional Knowledge, Biotechnology Law: Policy & Practice.


Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind; products born from our thoughts and intellect and encompasses most notable forms of assets envisaged by our minds, such as inventions, literary works, artistic works, songs and music, trademarks, designs and names and images purposed for industrial use. The concept of intellectual property arose from the imperative need to devise some form of mechanization to protect creations of the mind and thought.

Sub Themes

  • Conceptual Understanding of Patent;
  • New Development And Challenges in IPR under Patent Law
  • Biotechnology patents and the problem of non-obviousness;
  • Nanotechnology and Patent process;
  • Indian Patent Act: its Implications for World Pharmaceutical Trade;
  • Pharmaceutical patenting in India-problem of public access to health;
  • Patenting software related inventions: trends in UK and US;
  • Patent policy and medical procedures: is there any justification for granting of patents?
  • Novelty as criteria of patentability-study of UK, US and INDIAN Position;
  • A study of patent system in India in the light of the Patent Cooperation Treaty;
  • Role of IPR in Life Science industries;
  • Determining Novelty of the claimed Invention: study of US and Indian Patent system;
  • Patent and Transfer of Technology;
  • Prior use and prior publication as obstacles or patenting of inventions;
  • Bioinformatics and Intellectual Property;
  • Patenting of Living organisms under the European Patent Convention;
  • Nanotechnology and Patent process: response by Patent Offices?
  • Conceptual Understanding of Traditional Knowledge;
  • Biotechnology & new regime in IPR;
  • Conceptual Understanding of Biotechnology Law;
  • Biotechnology patenting and bio-diversity protection: resolving conflict;
  • The role of IPR in protection of Biodiversity;
  • Protection of Micro Organism- International Prescriptions

Note: These Themes are not exhaustive; Authors are open to work on any topic related to Patent Law, Traditional Knowledge, Biotechnology Law.

Submission Procedure

All submissions are to be made via e-mail as word documents (preferably Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010). Authors can submit their manuscripts to Editors at aditya[at]

Submission Deadline

15th November 2020

Contact Information

Phone: +91-8860257167

Email: aditya[at]


For full submission details, click here.


Law Mantra's Edited Book on Patent, Traditional Knowledge, Biotechnology Law


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