Law, Life and Afterlife

A cynical take on life and afterlife by a law student…


By Naman Gupta- Third Year, B.A./B.Sc.L.L.B. (Hons.), WBNUJS

Some call it the eternal sleep

While others call it men’s repose

But what death actually is?

Is it a bed of rose?

Let me provide you with the answer

It all depends on a person’s view

Some can give a definite reply

Others don’t have a clue

For some, death is a sanguinary monster

Others may extenuate it in jest

But the fact remains

It is everyone’s final place of rest

Where does one go

To hell or heaven?

Is it a dangerous journey

Or a safe haven ?

Does God grant amnesty

Or is he a savage master?

There are several burning questions with actually no answer

Does God’s system believe in ex-gratia and ex-parte?

Why isn’t there any transparency?

Isn’t God utopian

Doesn’t he believe in democracy?

There seems to be a fat chance of getting answers to these questions

Only what needs to be done is that God take the stand and give us his version

If that is asking for too much

Then the dead take the onus upon themselves to expose the system

Anyway, whatever I may have against the system

It seems to be the established norm

and I doubt if there is going to be any reform

Coming back to practicality, I must say everyone’s life is on a lease

And since the concerned authorities may have something against me for writing this stuff,

Pray for my soul to rest in peace

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