Library Internships: Please Do NOT Pursue Them

By Tanuj Kalia

First published on December 11, 2010.

When I first heard of ‘library internships’, I was a little befuddled. Bemused. Bed-ridden. (Rolling on the bed laughing, you know).

Law library internships? Strangely, many first years of newly established law schools are doing these internships. Surely, they must be helpful; but well, how?

These are some reasons I could chalk out:

1. Library internships help you in developing legal research skills by making you better in findindg books. (Read that again in a slow deep voice). S.L.O.W. and Deep.

A-quick-shrill response will be “DUH”.

What the hell do you do in your own library?

2. You want to be a law school librarian. Cool. Stay put at the library for your second year and beyond. You can even do an ‘international’ library internship. Or an internship in the ‘library’ of a law firm; and a ‘library’ of an NGO etc. (You are meant to laugh at that).

3. You have never visited your own library and want the feel of the environs of a library.

That’s a good, solid reason! Go ahead!

4. Your girlfriend/boyfriend has turned into a nerd and now resides in that library where you are interning. Reason number four. Next.

5. The library like the NUJS library
is open 24 hours a day. For investigative purposes, you want to check if books increase their thickness as the day passes (just like a man increases his height). Possible?

6. Your own law schools doesn’t have a library. Poor you.

7. You want to see first hand and soak yourself in the great, intellectual and famed library of the National Law School Of India University’s (NLSIU)!

I quit. Be my consultant.

Please tell me how how a ‘library’ internship helps you.

In your first year, intern with an NGO. Not in a LIBRARY.

Whatever you have to learn by sitting, reading and researching in a library can be done in your own law school’s library.

Internships are meant to give you a taste of the work environment, and no library offers that.

If you have anything to say to defend law library internships or my views on that; please put in a comment.

Also, do see this LegallyIndia forum discussion.

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