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LawFarm, in keeping with its objective of spreading legal knowledge brings to you a three day consolidated course on the subject of  “A-Z of Due Diligence: A Practical Approach” from the period of September 27- 29, 2013.

This 3 day course of 3 hours each per day, through use of very simple language coupled with appropriate and relevant power point presentation and diagrammatic representation, will explain to participants the various basic terminologies used in the everyday practical world of transactional lawyers in the area of due diligence and how should one go about doing “due diligence” in corporate matters.

Besides equipping the participants with:

(i) an overview/checklist of the questions to be asked during the due diligence process,

ii) and a module/handout to refer to for later reference,

this course would help participants to “think like a lawyer”, anticipate the concerns of a prospective client and understand the practical application of various laws (which were only taught theoretically in law schools), through problem based case law study.

This course shall ideally be suitable for students who have a basic idea about the Companies Act, 1956.

Therefore, 4th  year, 5th year, LLM students and first year professionals of law firms shall find this course helpful.

However other participants interested in the course may join the class.

The classes shall be held at a stipulated venue in New Delhi, India, by an experienced transactional lawyer, who has both national and international experience from some of the top-tier law firms in the area of corporate law. [This has been confirmed by Lawctopus]

A certificate of participation will be handed out to all candidates at the end of the course.


Introduction  to Corporate Due Diligence

  • Purpose of due diligence;
  • Types and level of due diligence;
  • Main areas generally to be covered in a due diligence;
  • What are the “material” things to look out for in a due diligence exercise?
  • Analysis of  a standard due diligence questionnaire;

b.      Sample “Material Contract”  due diligence exercise; and

c.      Analysis of a standard, “legal opinion”.

DATES: Friday, 27 September, 2013 – Sunday, 29 September, 2013  (3 hrs + 3 hrs + 3 hrs)

LOCATION: New Delhi, India (Outstation candidate are requested to make their own arrangments for accomodation).


Students: Rs. 3000

Professionals: Rs. 4000

Students in groups of 4 or more people: Rs. 2500/person

For further details and to register for the course please call us at +91 (0) 9818200967 (between 5 pm- 9 pm) or visit

Registration closes on 10th September, 2013. Registration is open for first-come-first serve students for 25 students.


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