Dear Law Students, Here’s the Number 1 Reason Why Your CV Gets Rejected All The Time

By Tanuj Kalia

Dear law students,

Your CV should have ZERO mistakes.

No grammatical mistakes. No spelling mistakes. And no mistakes in sentence construction. The formatting should be uniform.

This includes the tiniest mistakes like , this mistake in spacing of a comma and this Mistake of randomly putting a letter in caps.

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If a legal recruiter sees one such spelling or grammatical mistake, you can rest be assured your CV will not be considered.

A profession where the placement of a comma can mean billion of dollars, no good lawyer will want to take a chance with a young graduate who makes such mistakes.

(If you are making such mistakes in a 2 page CV, you’ll surely mess up a 20 page contract).

Formatting is similarly important. Judges, if they find that the formatting of the pages is not proper, throw files at lawyers with gay abandon and/or ruthless anger.

In the age of freely available and inbuilt spell-checks and freely available grammar tools, these mistakes are simply intolerable.

And well, it’s your CV. It should show-case you as an individual and ‘highlight’ your skills and not kill your chances.

PS- Making such mistakes is the number 1 reason your CV is getting rejected all the time. Run a spell-check on it. Run it through an online grammar tool. Get it checked from a senior who has flawless English and then get it double and triple checked.

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