Law College Dehradun’s Debate Competition ‘Concours de Debat’ [April 20-21]: Register by April 15 [UPDATED]

Concours de Debat” is a national level debate competition being conducted under the auspices of the Debating Society at the Law College Dehradun faculty of Uttaranchal University from 20th to 21st April, 2017.

The second phase registration has started. LAST DATE OF REGISTRATION FOR THE SECOND PHASE IS 15TH APRIL 2017

Topic: 21st century nationalism is breeding political jingoism in India.

Last date for Registration: 15th APRIL, 2017

The official website is accessible from this Link.

Rules of Concours de Debat:

The speakers shall come to the podium in a team where one shall speak in favor of the motion while the other shall speak against the motion.

Each speaker shall be allotted a total time limit of 5 minutes (4 + 1) where the last-minute shall be given to conclude the speech.

The answer to the rebuttal shall not exceed 1 minute.


Running Trophy Best Team

Both in English and Hindi

Cash Prizes Worth 61k.


  • Faculty Chairperson: Mrs. V. Bhuvaneshwari- 9719967883
  • Sumojeet Basu, COORDINATOR, 8193973630
  • Anjan Sahu, CONVENOR, +91 9634587160

For Registrations please click HERE.  

For Rules of the competition and debate, please click HERE.



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