Last Minute Preparation for Bar Exam: A 20 Hour Study Plan by BarHacker

It is very important for you to optimize your time and efforts for the Bar Exam.

As the exam draws near, we have prepared a last minute 20-hour study plan for you which will enable you to comfortably clear the exam, even if you have not been able to start preparing systematically till now.

There is no need to panic – while the syllabus can be overwhelming and daunting, it is possible to optimize your preparation, and this study plan will guide you through how to efficiently allocate your time and be prepared for the exam in 20 hours.

Please note that due to limited time, it is best to systematically plan your preparation and aim to comfortably pass the exam – for this purpose, it does not make sense to prepare for 100 percent of the paper.

Instead, you can focus on the subjects which carry the most weightage and can be studied in relatively less time.

For this purpose, we have made a plan which enables you to prepare for 75 percent of the question paper.

Note that exact marks are no longer declared by the Bar Council, and scoring 40 percent is sufficient to pass the bar exam (there is still a 30 percent failure rate). If you prepare well for this, we expect that you should comfortably be able to pass.

An hour-wise allocation for the study plan is provided below. This does not include time for printing out hacksheets.

Hours 1 – 2 Essential Tools before you begin preparation

Review BCI Sample and Previous Years’ papers (don’t find the answers)

Familiarize yourself with Hacksheets

Use the first hour to plan your practice strategy for the remaining 19 hours and your test-taking strategy in the examination hall. These modules will enable you to strategize your preparation – read about the changes to the AIBE, the strategy report, and types of questions, indicative syllabus and the guide to carry-in materials. Print out the indexes.

Quickly go through Past Years’ Question Papers to understand the types of questions. You don’t need to find out the answers at this stage.

Print out all the Hacksheets.

Hours 3 – 4 Criminal Procedure.

Go through the two audio-visual presentations and practice quizzes. This is the most important module.

Hours 5-6 Laws of Contracts

Specific Relief Act

Question Banks for Practice (Negotiable Instruments Act, Transfer of Property)

This constitutes the contract laws syllabus and carries significant weightage.

Hour 7 Study Civil Procedure Code and attempt quizzes (use hacksheets)

This subject is fairly wide in terms of understanding. Don’t try to memorize – just try to figure out where to find answers.

Hour 8 Study Indian Penal Code Chapter and attempt quizzes with bare act and hacksheets 8
Hour 9 Study Evidence Act chapter and attempt quizzes with bare act and hacksheets 8
Hour 10  

Study Constitutional Law Module              

Constitutional Law Quiz on Emergency Provisions and Power of Executive

Hour 11 – 13 Attempt a Mock Test

(You have finished studying for 56 marks’ syllabus, but attempt all answers)

Hour 14 Professional Ethics Quiz 1

Public Interest litigation Quiz

(*no notes required. use carry-in materials and hacksheets only)

Hour 15 Consumer Protection Act Question Bank

Motor Vehicles Act Question Bank

Refer to Torts Hacksheet I

Refer to Torts Hacksheet II

(*no notes required. use carry-in materials and hacksheets only)

Hour 16 Alternate Dispute Resolution

Quiz on Alternate Dispute Resolution

Attempt quiz on labour laws (*no notes required. use carry-in materials and hacksheets only)

Hours 17 – 19 Attempt your second mock.
Hour 20 Review answers to mock tests.


To understand the study plan watch this video.

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