Internship Experience @ Kush Sharma and Associates, New Delhi: Friendly Atmosphere, Lots to Learn


Apoorva Priyadarshini, School of law Galgotias University, BBA.LLB(H) 2nd year.


Kush Sharma and Associates, Chamber No. 385, Block-II, Delhi High Court, New Delhi-110003.

Office- O-10B, First floor Jangpura Extension, New Delhi-110014, Phone: +91-11-43065354,

Website: Click HERE.

The nearest metro station is Jangpura Metro Station and Rickshaws are easily available at the exit of the same, you can direct the rickshaw towards Eros cinema and then O-10B.

The office is located in Jangpura Extension near Eros cinema so if you are finding yourself in a  prosaic condition go there and watch out a cool flick and if you are banal with your PG’s food there are several eateries in the vicinity too where you can eat and chill.

The office has 3 rooms with number of books, files and almost all the Bare Acts (the Yellow books).

The office staff is strict, but at the same time, very comfortable to work with.

The ambience will remind you of the working niche which Kush Sir has carved out.

His partner Kshitiz Sir will help you in case of any doubt specially if you want to taste CPC, then catch hold of him. In fact you can also accompany him to various Districts Courts and can learn immensely under his guidance.

He has an associate Sagar Sir and a paralegal Gauri ma’am who are always very amicable and are there to help you. His clerk Kundan ji, is the treasurer of all the files but can also teach you the basics of clerical work of the court.

Although Sir usually divides the work between the interns and the associates but it varies according to your experience and the year of study in which you are in, which brings me to say that he won’t ask a 1st year law student to file a reply etc.

Since I was in my 2nd year while I was interning under him so I was mainly into reading various Acts and Statutes pertaining to his ongoing cases.

All you need is to be proactive to learn and have fun simultaneously.


It was a 4 weeks winter internship. So I did it from 4th  January to 30th January.


Since one of my senior had already interned under him so he recommended my name and subsequently I was asked to send him my CV along with a Cover letter.

But if you don’t have any such contacts then you have to mail him your CV and Cover letter after which you will be called for an interview.

CAVEAT: For the interview session, you need to be well versed with the Criminal Procedure CCode.

I had sent my CV on this email Id:

Your Cover letter shall be in the body of the email where you have to mention your contact details, the reason behind interning in his office and what all you want to learn and inculcate after interning under him.

*Don’t forget to attach your CV with the mail.

If you don’t get the confirmation within 3-4 days be very comfortable to call Kush Sir.

Basically there are no such Red tapism if you are planning to intern under him.


It was a four weeks long internship. Timings are from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Basically you need to go to the court first and then directly to his office. So you need to text him in the morning as to where you have to reach.

Timings are however very flexible for the interns if you are a girl you may leave early as well and their won’t be much fuss about it.

Sundays will be off for the interns. However office usually remains open if the matters are piling up for the next day.


It was my first day and I was asked to come to the National Green Tribunal to see the court proceedings.

Sir being a DDA’s Lawyer most of his cases are piled up in NGT. So most of the times you need to head to NGT only in the morning if the matters are listed early.

There I was asked to see the cause list and the item number. Guess what I thought after listening this. Item number in courts? Strange!

After NGT we straightaway went to the office and there Sir asked me to accompany one of his junior associate to Patiala House. Section 138 Negotiable instrument Act 1881 is what I learnt on that visit.

Later I was asked to read certain sections from the CRPC Bare act and make a note out of it.

If you are done with your work and Sir is busy with his briefs, don’t sit idly instead you can ask for more work from his associates.

Well! In a nut shell, first day was very intimidating for me as every body around me was talking LAW and being a 2nd year law student, I wasn’t well versed with the procedural Laws therefore it frightened me more.

But Sir’s amicable nature made the milieu easy for me and gradually I acclimatized myself accordingly.


Well the task varies from the year of your study. For a junior intern the work ranges as follows:-

  • See the court proceedings
  • Prepare the cause list
  • Dairy entry of the adjourned dates
  • Make briefs
  • Certain typing work
  • Research work

Since Sir is into hardcore litigation, the work usually revolves around the Legal files, documents and any other research pertaining to his ongoing cases.

As an intern I was mainly into the research work and made note of all those sections which I was asked to read.

Although Sir never asks to show him the work which you did however many a times you will be left with no work.

Since every morning you have to accompany him to various Courts in Delhi, therefore there is a very wide ambit of making contacts. And yes you just cannot afford to miss that chance. Can u?

The office is full of legal books, commentaries, documents, bare acts etc so definitely you cannot have a banal atmosphere there. SCC Online too is there to let you search the authentic material.

You have to bring your own laptops for the research work, wifi is never a problem.

In case you have any doubts regarding the subject matter please do not hesitate to articulate your doubts from sir. He is not only a brilliant lawyer but a great teacher too.


The working environment is very positive. Everyone in the office is very congenial to work with.

Its so that you can work according to your convenience and nobody will poke you into your work.

Although as an intern you are required to read the various Acts and Statutes pertaining to his ongoing cases but if you feel like doing your work meanwhile you can easily do that and trust me you will not face the music.

In fact, I finished my Internship experience in the office days only.

Observing, analyzing and writing.

The moment you’ll enter into the office, the cook Shivnarayan ji will not let you sit famished, from water to soup to tea, everything will be on your desk.

In fact Sir too is very fond of gourmet delicacies, most of the times we had pizza’s, burgers etc in our lunch.

One day Sir took all of us to the National Sports Club Of India, New Delhi for the lovely Chinese food and we even gorged on beverages as well. 😛

Sir is extremely friendly, you need not to maintain that red tapism with him. You may talk about your girlfriends, your boyfriends like anything and he would advice too if your relationship is getting sour.

At the same time he would also joke about the legal world which will leave you laughing all day long.


The best thing working under Kush sir is that you work according to your convenience.

Be at your ease and read what you want.

As I said the work ranges from your year of study so if you are in your 1st or 2nd year Sir is definitely not going to eat your head. And you can just pick up any file or commentary and can read it well.

Secondly, the working environment is such that it gives you the space of doing your work without any disturbance.

Thirdly, if you are in Kush Sharma law offices you will never be famished. As I said Sir is himself very fond of delicacies, you can also gorge on the same.

And yes if you are lucky enough he may take you all for the lunch like we had in NSCI.

Sir is very gluttony when it comes to chocolates so whenever you feel skeptical that reprimand is on your way just give him the same and all the angst will melt. Well that was the best thing about Kush sir.

Timings are very much flexible in his office. So if there are days that you want to leave early to meet your girlfriends or boyfriends just ask him and there won’t be any fuss about it. He’s completely cool with it.


As such there was nothing bad here. I enjoyed so much, I worked at my ease, I made contacts, I saw the legal world’s intricacies, I learned to work with people, etc.

The only thing which I contemplate is that, had I read CPC and CRPC deeply I would have been able to contribute immensely to Sir. Nonetheless the experience was simply great.


Although there are no PG’s available near the office location. However there are certain PG’s and Flats available in general and for girls in particular in the vicinity of Lajpat Nagar metro station which is hardly 5 mins distance from the office.

I too stayed in the PG. Address of the same is as follows: E-68 Amar colony near Kailash Colony Metro Station.

The best part about this PG was that the landmark was never a problem because scrumptious eatries like Wah ji wah, pizzahut, secret society etc was adjacent to the same and so fooding was never a problem.


No stipend.

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