By Gaurav Mishra

Looking at downtrodden condition of new NLUs, I feel that I am in a better position.

1. Good returns for less fees

One of the best thing being at KLE’S Law College, Bangalore is less fees and food returns. Those who Joined in year 2010 are completing their course and have not even spent Rs 2 lacs; this means the average fee was almost 30-32k P.A !

And those who have recently joined the course even, they too will complete their degree by spending almost 3.50 lacks.

2. Bangalore!

Second privilege what we get is that, our college is situated at Bangalore that also at heart of city and, of course, the great NLSIU is also at Bangalore.

Some of the faculty members of NLS are the Ex- Faculty members of KLE, so this college get many opportunities of guest lectures from NLS.

3. The University funds U

Third, best thing about KLE is that  we get 100% reimbursement for expenses occurring at the time Moot Courts and other types competition, irrespective of whether a student wins the competition or not.

I think there are very less number of law colleges in India which provides full reimbursement .

4. The placements are improving

Now, this college is also improving its placements cell, although our seniors have secured some placements in insurance companies, litigation firms & LPOs, but now college is also providing internships in leading firms and esteemed organisations, and there are better chances of placements in coming future.

kle society's law college bangalore

5. Library and Faculty

Coming to other aspects, like faculty, Library & Research Database materials, I can say that some of the faculty members are really nice, and posses very good knowledge and rest are satisfactory. Though some of them are not up to the mark.

The library of KLE is really one of the biggest law library at Bangalore after NLS , having books related to all major streams of Law and also have access to nearly 13 Law Journals and some legal magazines as well as General Knowledge & Political magazines.

E-library is also good having access to all sort of E-Journals, and E-Database like, SCC online, Manupatra , Law Super, WESTLAW etc.

6. New Campus of KLE

The only drawback with KLE’s Law College is its infrastructure because college runs in a joint campus of KLE Society, but by 2016 K.L.E Law College is shifting to a new independent campus at Nagarbhavi, close to NLSIU.

So it can be said that Joining KLE is not a bad idea for those who don’t get place in top NLU’s.

The KLE Society’s Law College website is HERE.

Here is a useful discussion on KLE Society’s Law College’s placement on Legally India.

A review on Stupid Sid is here.

Editor’s note: We’d taken a call against publishing this article. 

However, I received a call from an anxious parent about this particular law school and realized how little even the massive online space has to say about colleges like this.

So despite being advertorial and not meeting our standards, we’ve decided to publish the article.

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  1. I need to know as to how is KLE in terms of its faculty, placements, infrastructure. Does it offer good placements as soon as I graduate from here.? If not getting a seat in Top NLUS or symbiosis .. so is it a good pick? Also want to know about the hostel accomodation .. and what all facilities does it provide ?

  2. Has anyone recently graduated from KLE law college. Pls help me how is there faculty, campus , infrastructure and placements. Is ULC , Bangalore university better than KLE ? An urgent & unbiased reply would be really helpful !

  3. Not so Great, this law college gets its reputation from the KLEs other streams as in pharmacy and management studies, but law at Kle is not as portrayed, it’s old school type staff,and teachers, no much of modern approach,typical unimproved process of organising the office works, student has to roam around for everything from attendance to filling up of exam fees, no modernization to save time and energy of students, the procedure is not student friendly unlike most colleges where online activities play important role, here.nothing is online, everything manual, people from other states feel miserable they had to cancel their flights and train tickets due to the unroganised so called procedure, it’s not worth to come from other states to get suffocated here honestly. The library doesn’t have many books they are limited issue, Many students are not able to access books due to shortage. Teaching is also not great half the syllabus is left pending for each sem.l due to improper planning, English is pathetic, teachers are not so friendly,only during the admission they pose to be very friendly, students are not exposed to real-life problems, parents should also check other colleges like Vivekananda , BMS ,CMR ,Oxford law colleges too before joining their Ward. Poor student amineties, unhygienic rest rooms, no adequate drinking water facilities, no holistic development, just claiming that they will reimburse moot fees doesn’t suffice everything, it’s common sense that college should sponsor a student who represents the college in other college’s fest. No notes supplements, student life is tough here, no time for breakfast as coll starts at 8 for people who stay at rented houses the hotels open oly by 8am and no much time for lunch hardly 30 min , is like in hurry punch In punch out, no gap between classes , students should negotiate even if he is late due to attending restrooms, unfriendly library staff , you will surely feel that u have joined a village institution that’s how they serve you education, this college doesn’t serve the purpose of those students who are working, and for those who seek holistic development, extra curricular activities, the collge doesn’t even provide transport facility for attending factories or mediation centers which is part of the curriculum, and sometimes due to conflict with students teachers fail to do their duty in performing the planned activities, you need to crave for attendance as students who attend other college fests will not be giben any attendance even if they are going to cheer the participants. Reserved, moody, bossing teachers , they fail to see students as future advocates the social engineers of the society.

  4. bro just want to ask that. is there any other state students studying there? except bangelore? I am planning to take admission there.! and of I can get in touch with u that would be life saving.!

  5. There is no doubt in saying….dat…kle as well as some other law colleges are far more better than…low ranking ….nlus…..

  6. KLE is awesome , best thing i like here is timmings of college , it gives you enough time to do more than acadmic law ,

  7. Even, campus is enough to meet the requirements, although KLE’s Law department runs with other departments , but then also it covers everything, since the joint campus have all facilities to conduct all sorts of big events, and during recent time, Law college have conducted a few Big Fest, so being a student here I never felt that campus is a drawback,
    and I am happy that soon we will get a new building, and that proposed campus is awesome meeting all requirements of a top level Law School .

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