Internship Experience @ Kings and Alliance, New Delhi: Stipend of Rs. 5000, Opportunity to actually learn and improve yourself

Name. College. Year

Palak Jain . Indore Institute of Law . 3rd  Year

This short poem actually portrays my feelings about the experience I had on my internship.

“Mistakes are a proof that you can learn,

It’s not only the knowledge but also the experience u earn,

Sometimes you may feel like running,

And then you may end up doing exactly the opposite.

The times you are reprimanded, it’s not that you get used to it, it’s the ego that you start to shun,

But even after all of that, a little appreciation is like a cherry on the top.

Believe me guys though internships are exhausting, but it’s fun nonstop!”

Name of the organization. City.

Kings and Alliance, New Delhi

Address. Directions

E45, basement, Lajpat Nagar 1, New Delhi – 24

Directions: Getting to the office is quite confusing for the first time. If one chooses to live at a place where I settled (Laxmi Nagar) then it might turn out to be a little tough.

But if one settles down near then Mandi house you just need to get to the purple line and take the metro that goes towards Badarpur. Get down at Lajpat Nagar, take the exit from gate no.1 then hire a rickshaw and tell him e45 which will directly take you to your destination.

Internship Duration

13th August, 2015 – 13th September, 2015 (4 Weeks)


Mon – Sat, 10:30 am – 8 pm

Timings are flexible according to the work.

Application Procedure

Had a talk on the contact no. available on the site and then sent my CV via

First impression / first day formalities.

I was asked to come to the High Court directly on the first day but because of some confusion I ended up in his office at 10 am. To my astonishment there was no one but a clerk, I was made to sit in conference hall when after a few minutes a senior associate came and assigned me some work after a simple introduction.

Then finally the moment came when I met Mr. Mohit Chaudhary, and we had a quick questionnaire round which I screwed incredibly. He then briefed about the firm and then later in the noon I met my mentor and another associate.

How big is the office?

The office is in a basement, which was quite spacious, bifurcated into three chambers; a waiting room followed by Mr. Chaudhary’s office, then the cubicles of the associates followed by the conference room and a little kitchen and a washroom at the last. The Office has 3 associates, 3 clerks and two office boys.

P.S: one of them makes really amazing coffee.

Wok environment

 “Never judge a book by its cover”

People at first in Kings and Alliance may seem very stringent at first but they turned out to be real humble people.

Mr. Chaudhary is an amazing person, though I didn’t get much time to work with him as he was taken ill during the time of my internship, but even during that little time period, he taught me many things that would surely be helpful in my near future.

There was an associate who used to edify me in litigation and other basics of this practical field. She was an associate come friend I got to make in there.

One of the clerks Mr. Upendra was the second person with whom I had lengthy conversations on litigation. When I went to the Supreme Court for the first time he accompanied me everywhere, took me to every department and to my surprise gave me the finest of the details of things unexpected of a clerk.

So surely never underestimate anyone.

Work Assigned to me

I was mainly assigned research work on the tenancy and arbitration laws. Since it was a Litigation firm, most of the time was spent in court rooms and the rest went by researching on various other laws.

Best things

Despite the fact that I was a fresher for them, the firm gave me that opportunity to actually learn and improve myself on the whole. Though I made a lot of mistakes as expected out of a fresher like me, they always motivated to bring the best out of me.

The best prospect that came before me was when I was made to represent as proxy council in one of the cases. They did this intentionally to make me understand what real litigation was like.

Though I received a not so convincing response by the client, which was later sent to Mr. Chaudhary via mail. He made me go through that mail and then told me that this is how litigation field actually looks like.

Bad things

If I say that I have no such record it would be a lie which I don’t intend to do so because I honestly intend to portray the best of my experience.

Technically things did happen which I termed bad at that point of time but when I think of it now, I feel it was all a part of learning.

What you can do to chill?

Well intern in the capital itself sounds amazing. But after intern one technically doesn’t have enough time left. But if one has adventurous personality like me one can still have abundance of fun in Delhi.

Delhi is an outstanding place to work as well as enjoy yourself.




As mentioned before Delhi cannot lack in resources. Well u can find a good pg. in Lajpat Nagar or Mandi House or even find something better in between so that one can manage both the court as well as the office.

Advice: never stay near in Laxmi Nagar, though it is very close to Courts but it is the most crowded place, you’ll have to miss at least 3 metro before u can actually catch one.

Lesson I learnt: Mistakes are a part of life, if u are making some then don’t stop, it is a proof you are learning.

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