Name, College, Year

Meenakshi, Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, School of Excellence In Law(SOEL), 3rd year Student.


King and Partridge, Chennai


Armenium Street, Catholic Centre, Second floor. (A small walk from the Broadway Bus stop)


Summer internship during the month of May 2018.


Application Process

If you want to intern with this firm the process you have to follow is quite simple. Firstly send a mail to, you should be getting a reply within one week maximum.

If you have not  received a reply even after a week you can go to the office and meet one of the senior partners and make arrangements.

Overall experience

The atmosphere is very friendly and supportive. The senior partners are very encouraging and this makes you feel at home and you can feel free to get your doubts cleared.There is a young team comprising of 4 advocates. I was put into contact with them and they assigned me all kinds of work and were there to help me out when I went off track.

It isn’t necessary for you to carry laptops as they have a computer room where you can use the desktops/laptops for the research work you are assigned.

Court visits, watching arbitration proceedings and visiting the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) were part of my internship program.


You are expected to be at there office maximum by 10:30 and the office closes by 5:00 pm. The office remains closed on Saturdays in the month of May.

Over all it gives you a great insight as to how a law firm works, plus it is situated in the heart of the city near the court premises so you will get to know many other valuable information about the legal profession!


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