Internship Experience @ King & Partridge, Bangalore: Stipend of Rs. 5000




King & Partridge, Bangalore.

Their team strength was of about 20 associates and 5 partners.

Application Process

I sent my application to […] about 3 months before my time of internship and received a reply within a month. Editor’s note: The correct email ID is [email protected]in


1st June,2015 to 31st June, 2015.

First Day

I was taken to one of the partner’s office and was asked to give a brief introduction of myself – where I am from, why law, which field of law fascinates me, would I like to litigate, etc.

Then I was taken around and made to meet the rest of the associates and staffs.

In the end he took me to the cabin of another partner who asked me about what all subjects I have studied in law school, which is my favourite subject, what fascinates me about the same and what would I like to do in my future.

I was quite tensed initially but eventually everything fell into the right place.

Main tasks

A lot of research work starting from Consumer Protection Act to Code of Civil Procedure, software licensing (there is only one associate who practices corporate law and could give you work).


There were a bunch of new associates who had just got placed.

They were quite friendly however I found the senior associates to be more friendly and they made you feel comfortable.

They would say things like “if you call me sir, I will not give you work!”

Best things

The location is commendable.

Its one of the finest areas in Bangalore – Lavelle Road.

If you go towards the south, you will find Truffles (Ice n Spice), nice juice shops, Naturals, Egg Factory and MTR.

If you go towards the east, you will find smoke house deli, movenpick, coffee day, bootlegger, UB city mall, soda bottle opener.

If you go towards the west and keep walking a bit, you will find Mc Donald’s, pecos, koshy’s, social, K.C. Das.

There are a number of Sandwich and juice stalls here and there.

Bad things

Since the area was so fancy and high-class, there were no such cheap stalls where you could get lunch for pocket-friendly prices.

So I would advise you to carry your tiffin unless you are okay with spending nearly 150-200 for lunch everyday.

Oh, there is MTR where if you love south-Indian the tiffin thali is for 140 and that suffices but becomes monotonous once you have eaten for one entire week.


INR 5000

Biggest Lessons

If you have really created a good impression with your initial research work, get ready to get more work.

However, they are usually quite chill about the timings so if you don’t have stay back and finish your work (but there were exceptional days where I was given a deadline and had to finish a hell lot of work, but isn’t that the most interesting part about internships?)

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