Internship Experience @ Khaitan & Company, Kolkata: Stipend of Rs. 5000, Good Research Work

Name, Year, College

Yash Pratap Singh, 3rd Year, Amity Law School, Noida, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh

Place of Internship

Khaitan & Company, Kolkata

Duration of Internship

1st June-30th June, 2015 (4 Weeks)


Rs. 4000.

Application Procedure

The procedure involves sending your CV along with attached scanned copies of the 10th and 12th marks sheet and the marks sheets of previous semester.

I myself apart from fulfilling the above procedure made use of contacts and attached recommendation letters from the same.

Location of the Office

Khaitan and Co. is located in 1B, Emerald House, Old Post Office Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001.

Emerald house a huge green building sharing its wall with High Court of Calcutta. The office includes the first three floors of the building.

The office is spacious with separate cabins for every associate. For us (interns) there is a separate intern table in the middle of the office.

Work Environment at Khaitan & Co.

Our profession is all about showbiz or where we need to present ourselves in the most formal way possible from wearing polished formal shoes to wearing ironed shirts every day, and on the first day of my internship I got to know the importance of the same.

Although the rules were not too strict but still complete discretion was not allowed and we had to wear formals even though not the black and white combination every day until we had to attend the court with associates.

My co-interns were from different colleges including NLU’s and Private Universities with some of them being my own seniors itself.

Timings, No. of working days in the week

Timings were generally from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM but most of the days we had to stay till 7:00 PM

The pressure of work at Khaitan & Co. is immense and on the first day itself within hours I was booked with heap of work.

Most importantly the work they make us do is just not for the sake of it, but material and any mistake made on my part would matter, because of which one needs to be not only diligent but also very careful while working on a given task.

Also its not only efficiency that matters but also there is a particular time frame within which one needs to complete the given work and hence no room for lagging with a single task the whole day.

Apart from all this the associates at Khaitan & Co. are very helpful an working with them is one of my greatest learning experiences.

I also need to mention that working in such a big firm has its perks. We all had our separate stationeries which was always available in hand, high speed internet connectivity and a library which is a dream for every law student along with refreshments and coffee whenever one required.

Nature of work in Khaitan & Co.

We were generally given research works upon which we had to submit presentations, we were often taken to courts and draft legal notices.

At the helm of the law firm is Mr. R.N. Jhunjhunwala. He is a grandfather figure who spins a yarn of delectable legal stories. He possesses the gift of gab which can attract and retain attention to the most drab and dreary details of the case file.

I worked with  Litigation Team and was assigned good quality work by them.

Major tasks in the firm involved Research work.

When I say ‘’Research’’, that means a lot of research. So, if you are planning to intern in the firm, pull up your socks, and make some habit of doing research work.

As far as the research work is concerned you will get some really interesting research questions.

The associates you work with always take out the time to explain what they’re looking for and give you the context in which you are researching.

They are extremely patient provided you are also meticulous with your work.

Nobody expects you to spit out answers as soon as a question is thrown at you, take your time and work on it but be prepared when it’s time to discuss it with your Team or Associate.

There’s  a lot to be learnt from these exercises and you are encouraged to put your own views forward and debate it out to help come to a complete and balanced conclusion.


Accommodation was not an issue as I live in Kolkata.

However, for outsiders, there are plenty of Paying Guests, Hostels and Apartments available in the area near High Court of Calcutta.

Best Things

The best thing about the internship was the nature of work. If you are learning towards Corporate law, this is a very good firm to intern with because of the kind of work that they do.

Bad Things


What did I do to chill? Co-interns, Colleagues

The firm is located in a very nice part of the city, close to eden gardens which is a nice area with good eating joints etc.

Biggest Lessons

Explore all opportunities available to you.

Try building good relations and good contacts.

Work hard in your internships for they can help you learn things which otherwise is not possible to learn in Law Schools.

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