Internship Experience @ Kasliwals & Associates, Jaipur: Improve your research skills

Name. College. Year.

Shubhankit Saxena

Amity Law School, Amity University Rajasthan

3rd year

Name of Organisation. Location (City). Team Strength.

Kasliwals & Associates, Jaipur, 15

Application Process

Fill an online internship application form available on their website.

Link is HERE.

Duration of Internship and Timings

3 weeks

10 A.M. to 6 P.M. (As I interned during June month when summer holidays were going on in court so in that period timing was 12 A.M. to 6 P.M.)

First Impression. First Day Formalities. Infrastructure.

The first impression was the one that lasted on me till the last date. Kasliwal Chambers is well known for its very maintained and established library with varied collection of books. There you can find books ranging from those published as old as 1932 to latest edition available.

On reaching there I was briefed by one of the partners about the rules and way of working. Many a times you are assigned to a particular lawyer under whom you are supposed to work.

On the very first day I was assigned a file to work upon which includes making case note and finding relevant case laws.

Main Tasks

Kasliwal Chambers provide to very good opportunity to improve your research skills. Every intern is supposed to take queries on law point and search for relevant case laws.

You will be assigned some files by your respective lawyer on which you are suppose to find case laws to support the factual argument. You might sometime assist in legal drafting.

During the course of my Internship, I was exposed to work relating to research on legal queries subjecting mainly to :

  • Code of Civil Procedure, 1908;
  • Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973;
  • Constitution of India, 1950

and I also did research in various matters under different subheads of law such as :

  • Contempt of Courts act 1971;
  • Indian Contract Act, 1972 and
  • Trade Marks Act, 1999 etc.
Work Environment and People

Most of the associates and lawyers at Kasliwal Chambers out there are very helpful and encouraging, they will clear all your doubts and problems that you face while completing your assigned task.

Sometimes you might get scolded badly by one of the partners if the quality of work is not up to the expected level.

Every intern is supposed to fill his daily task record in the form provided, on the basis of which certificate will be issued in the end.

Best Things

Cooperative and friendly atmosphere helps you to sustain even when you are not going well with your work.

They provide you a very good platform to enhance your research skills by using various legal databases like Manupatra, SCC etc.

Bad Things

The Kasliwal Chambers’ office is full of interns and sometimes you might not find a place to sit and it is also difficult to find a free computer, as they are always preoccupied.



Biggest Lesson

Litigation is lots of reading, hard work, toil and experience. There is no way a lawyer can shy away from slogging.


I live in Jaipur. So, I stayed at home. I do not have any idea about PG accommodation in the area.

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