Meet Karanveer Siag: The important mark karva de Topper from UILS, Punjab University

This interview has been conducted by Avleen Kohli, Campus Manager, UILS, Panjab University.

In the race to the top, budding lawyers always forget the importance of academic excellence. The toppers, dissed for being bookworms ordinarily, witness a meteoric rise in their popularity at the semester end with a gruesome battle for their prized notes and invaluable “important mark karva de” sessions.

At UILS, if you say the word topper, Karan Siag’s name crops up pronto.

This humble and smiling lad has achieved unrivalled academic excellence in 4 years. He has consecutively topped 3 semesters, and at the end of his third year holds an aggregate of 77% in B.Com L.L.B. From receiving a gold medal at the PU Annual Convocation, 2013 for the 1st year to securing more than 80% in 2 semesters, the man is unstoppable.

Studies aside, he is a traveller and is also a national level mooter. Karan aspires to join the judiciary, and with a brain like that, my money’s on you boy!

1. Tell us about yourself Karan.

Well, I’m just the other person who is persuing his B.Com. LL.B. from the Panjab University’s UILS. I’ve been interested in Mathematics and B.Com. as the side course had to be the perfect option.

I aspire to enter the Judicial Services in the future.

karanveer siag, uils punjab university

2. What is your study routine, on ordinary days and during the exams?

The study routine or as I call it the ‘semester study plan’ starts way back around 3 months before the exams.

The main focus is on consistency. The weekends are used for completion of the topics in the syllabus.

As the exams near, the routine starts covering weekdays as well. During exams, it’s mostly revision of what has been done, unless, some comfortable topics were left for the end times.

3. In the contemporary times when students primarily focus on extra-curricular pursuits, what keeps you so focused on academics?

Not denying the fact that the present era of competition requires a student to excel in every dimension of the field, he/she is a part of, my focus on academics is certainly because of the future plans and the direction I’m inclined towards.

While I haven’t been totally ignorant of extra-curriculars, the balance is generally in the favour of academics.

4. With an academic record like that, do you feel a certain amount of pressure towards sustaining it?

When you’re really concerned about a particular field, a standard once set acts like a ‘minimum requirement in the next stage’.

So, of course, keeping the performance consistent and smooth is quite a task which may not always be fulfilled!

karanveer siag, uils pujnab university

5. As a law student soaring sky high-marks, have you faced adverse reactions or behaviour from your peers?

I’m not sure if the marks are sky-high, indeed as the competition is pretty balanced amongst a number of students.

Talking of adverse reactions, there haven’t ever been such instances as there are people equally, if not better, than what I am.

6. Any tips for students on how to study, how to take exams, etc.?

To be precise, this is the most personal methodology that every student must adopt. What works for someone may not for the other. But in the end, regularity in studies through proper notes and in an organised manner always pays in the end.

The most important thing one could keep in mind while giving an exam is to maintain the required ratio between the amount of time provided, the marks for a question asked and the number of sheets given to write on.

Cut short an answer according to the marks allotted instead of writing pages just because you learnt more than what is asked.

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