Internship Experience @ Karanjawala & Co, New Delhi: Good Lit Work, Stipend of Rs. 5000

Name, College

Garima Singh, 5th Year, NLU Odisha

Name of the organisation


Karanjawal and Co. has two offices- one as main office which is at – 7, Factory Road, Near Vardhaman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi. I was in this office.

And the other office at – 12th Floor, Hindustan Times House, 18-20, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, (near Connaught Place) New Delhi.

How to apply?

Though I got my internship confirmed through my college’s internship cell but you can apply for internship by sending your CV at –

A follow-up is must. ( Although personal contact seem to work more to procure an internship with them.)

For follow- up, contact –

Niharika Karanjawala for Hindustan Times House Office M: +91  9810058844


Nipun Bhatia for Factory Road Office M: +91  9810079161

Duration Of internship: 5, May 2014 to 4, June 2014 (4 weeks)

How to reach: Since I was staying in Lajpat Nagar reaching the office was a very simple task. The bus facility made this task very easy and affordable and avoided all hustle bustle of travelling. Just beside the Safdarjung hospital, there is a lane which is the Factory Road.

After 2 mins. of walk, beside the Chhattisgarh Bhawan, another small lane takes you to Karanjawala Main Office. (You will find a small board of 7, Factory Road outside this building with no mention of Karanjawala & Co. there!)

Office Timings for interns:

6 days a week (Yes – Saturdays are working days!), 11:00 a.m. to 7 p.m (you might have a chance to leave office by 5.30 due to no work or bad internet connection!).

However, it mainly depends on assignment that one got to work on). You might get work at 7 pm when you are about to leave and would have to stay till 8-8.30 p.m but that’s very rare!!

First Day of Office : Since it was my first day, I reached the office on the time we were instructed to – 10:30 am. But, as soon as I entered the office, I realized that there were no associates and only staff was cleaning and putting up the files in bundle etc.

I was told to sit upstairs on the 1st floor. I met the HR on the 1st floor who asked me to sit in the conference room and told me that the associates have gone to Courts and as soon as they reach they would call us (there were 2 other interns besides me).

We gossiped and I thought this internship would offer no work (after spending 2 hours in gossiping, I seriously thought that!)

But then I was called by a senior associate in the office and she asked me to prepare a legal notice within 30 mins. I did that within the time limit and she appreciated me for the work.

She also offered me a Sub (Subway meal). I was assigned a few research tasks and was immensely happy with my start. That day I left office at 7.30 pm.

Assignments Offered: If you don’t ask for work in the office, there is apparently no work but once you divulge yourself in the assignments you will get all sorts of interesting cases in the office.

We were asked to come to office by 11 am since the associates  came by 11.30 or so. You may be asked to reach Courts instead of office if you have assisted on a case which is to be argued in the court for the day.

Since Karanjawala and Co. is principally a litigation-based firm, you will get ample opportunity to draft as well (I personally got the benefit of being passed the 4th year) – I was asked to draft a wriiten statement, notices, memorandum of appeal etc.

I was asked to research for issues related to IPR, Companies Act, Prevention of Corruption Act, Banking law, Personal laws, environmental laws etc. Due diligence and contact drafting were other things that I did as part of my assignments.

Since the in the month of May, vacations begin for the Courts too, therefore there is less work, and the work environment is less-hectic, happier and relaxed!

Motivating Factors:

1. Being a lit-based firm, you get to witness substantial no. of occasions of court-room thrill and also corporate-office work culture and  thus you get the feel of both sides of legal practice. (We witnessed Justice Swatanter Kumar’s (NUJS intern’s harassment) defamation case –  one party was a retired SC Judge with all the senior SC bar members and the other side had all Media houses with all big-shot counsels of the country!)

2. Associates at Karanajawala were really nice to interns and encouraging to work with (except few who do not work at all and pass on their assignments to interns).

There are approx 15-20 associates in the main office. I mostly worked with a senior associate at the office and she called me her junior (I really felt happy for that!!). She also took me to Company Law Board and Delhi High Court for proceedings with her in her car.

3. You get to work on all aspects of law and get to know about various technicalities of drafting (though this opportunity is more with 4th year and 5th year students), pleading, arguing etc.

4. There was absolutely calm and relaxed atmosphere to work but you need to stick to the deadlines given for your assignment.

5. Including work experience, I made very good friends with my co-interns who were from GNLU, NUJS, ICFAI and Symbiosis Law School. (There was one who got me home-made lunch everyday!)

6. The coffee machine was a huge support and the staff assisted well (except one or two)

7. There are few funny people in the office who would give enough comic relief to interns

8. Interns at Karanjawala were provided with a separate conference room which was spacious and had these paintings which were mysterious!!)

9. A stipend of Rs. 5000 and associates offered for parties and treats.

10. Also, there is  a business/formal dress code for the office but the days on which you have court-visits, one has to be in our very own black & white uniform code! Saturdays are free in terms of clothing as it can be smart casuals.

Bad things

1. Since the courts are not too functional in month of May, you do not get much work and at times there are either no associates in the office or the work is very limited. (Those days you can leave the office early!)

2. The office AC is too efficient and it became so cold at times during the day that we had to ask the receptionist or the staff to switch it off .

3. The internet connectivity is also affected at times due to which you may face trouble in completing the assignments.

4. The library is not very well- equipped as it has very old editions of books which do not have the recent developments on the law and therefore, Manupatra and other online research databases are your sole rescue.

5. No food outlet is nearby and the nearest place to eat is Greenpark Market or South-Ex. (which are 10 mins. away from the Office but the HR guy is nice and allows  for a lunch- break of 45-60 mins!)

Stipend : Rs. 5000/-(4 weeks)

At the end of the Karanjawala internship, one is supposed to submit a worksheet with all the details of assignment that the intern had done during the internship. Also, one is required to submit a project- report on any issue of law (we submitted our college projects!)

Accommodation and Commute

Since I am not from Delhi and I have no relatives either, I stayed with my 5 friends in a studio-apartment (Air Conditioned) in Amar Colony (Lajpat Nagar-IV) which cost us Rs. 20,000/- including electricity (which means Rs. 400/- per person).

Contact : Sanjay  – +91-9811120805 ( He is a decent fellow and is dependable as he himself owns few such flats – No brokerage!)

 Lajpat Nagar has plenty of places to eat with affordable tiffin systems, dhabas, restaurants and food-outlet chains.

Also Lajpat Nagar has a very good connectivity:

1. Taxi/Auto-rikshaws from Lajpat Nagar would charge you Rs. 45/- to Factory Road office.(15-20 mins.)

2. DTC Buses would charge you Rs 10/- (Non-AC) and Rs.15/- (AC) from Lajpat Nagar –IV bus-stop to Safdarjung Hospital and then a 2-mins walk to office. (15 mins) – I took this route because there was no rush in the buses on this route and I comfortably got a seat myself every time- in the morning as well as in the evening.

3. Metro – Moolchand Metro station is nearest to Lajpat Nagar IV which would take you to AIIMS metro station and then a 10 mins. walk to the office.(20-25 mins.)

Lessons: If you want a “comfortable” litigation experience, the Karanjawala internship would help you to get so. Also, ask for work wherever you intern, don’t be apprehensive about its nature – associates would help you and would not shout at you since you are an ‘Intern’.

If you work sincerely, you would be rewarded with appreciation (That means a lot!) and treats (If the associate is generous enough! Mine was!)

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