Internship Experience @ Jyoti Sagar Associates (JSA), Gurgaon: Stipend Rs 6000, Learn to maintain balance between work life & personal life




J. Sagar Associates, Gurgaon

Application Process

I applied through my personal contact.

However, application form is available on the JSA website.

Applications can also be emailed at [email protected]


6th July, 2015 – 31st July, 2015

First Day

JSA has a 6 floor building near HUDA City Centre Metro Station.

As soon as I entered, I was given an intern kit & was asked to sit in the conference room in the basement along with other interns.

Soon after, we were told about the basic rules of the office & our signatures were taken on an undertaking.

We were then allotted intern email IDs.

Main tasks

My tasks include research relating to various corporate laws such as Companies Act, Income Tax Act, VAT, Insurance Laws, Labour Laws etc.


The work environment was really good.

I worked under Partners, Sr. Associates & Associates.

All were great mentors.

I really learnt a lot after working under them.

Best things

Balance between work life as well as personal life & Costa Coffee coupons for every intern were the best part.

Bad things



INR 6000

Biggest Lessons

All that matters is hard work & knowledge.

All other things are just just secondary.


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