Justice Katju’s Way of Dealing With Questions on Facebook: Delete the Question, Block the Person

Deepak Raju is a graduate of NUJS, Kolkata and did is LLM from the University of Cambridge.

Below all courtesy of his Facebook wall:

I have been curious about the revelations made by Retd. Justice Markandey Katju. I thought I would ask the man himself.

I saw his posts on Facebook and raised two questions through comments:

one related to his role as the Chief Justice of the concerned High Court when the alleged impropriety occurred (for instance, could he not have brought back the adverse remarks about the judge he claims was corrupt, when he noticed that his predecessor had improperly erased these remarks?);

the second related to whether in his legal opinion, the statement he made was different from the statements for which contempt proceedings were initiated against Mr. Prashant Bhushan (as I mentioned elsewhere, I think contempt is an archaic device that has no place in democracy; but if it applies to Mr. Bhushan or Arundhati Roy, why should it not apply to Mr. Katju?).

This morning I notice that my comment has mysteriously disappeared and I have lost the ability to comment on his posts!

He has been responding to everyone who says something like “Sir, you are god’s gift to mankind” and to those who oppose him with nothing other than things like “Sir, you are an idiot”.

Yet, my politely phrased and reasoned queries have disappeared and I have lost commenting privileges!

My sincere apologies sir. I missed the board that said ‘Entry reserved for worshipers and those that can be made examples out of alone’.

Also, apologies for thinking that the duty to answer questions, that you seem to impose on Justice Lahoti, would extend to you too.

Link to the Post by Deepak Raju

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