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Justice is an Illusion: A Poem

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From Aristotle to Rawls, everyone is in confusion,
What is justice, just an illusion?
A predicament of “it is” or “ought to be”,
Puzzling as Shakespearian soliloquy “to be or not to be”!

As natural as water, as universal as air,
Despite, more grueling than discovering a pearl;
Molded in the hands of conservative and ideals,
Develops like an amorphous living tree doctrine.

Outlining a distinction between demanding and begging,
Straightening out threads of personal entitlements and self-preservation;
Fairness, righteousness, reason and evenhandedness;
Thousands of Adages are buried behind the veil of ignorance.

The game is all about balancing rights and obligations,
“Like should be treated alike” espousing reasonable classification.
Discriminate to uphold obliteration of deprivation,
With handful of resources, ensuring socially just allocation.

However, not known, why the scale of justice is tilted or slanted?
Who cares, even Themis is caught red-handed;
Lord of righteousness got deceived in the game of dice;
Advent of Bronze Age, the Earth saw the departure of Dike.

When injustice prevails and justice is in vail,
Freedom dies, peace cries,
Saviors become enslavers, Protectors turn vultures;
Sloganeering for justice becomes louder subduing lamenting voices.

Rule of law turns out to be rule by law,
Murderers roam, stealers are put in gaol;
A journey from Capacity and need to power and greed;
No bars for Barons, but brokes are behind bars.

To fight with evil, Iustitia holds a mighty sword,
However, it bows down before “a bundle of wooden rods”.
In power dynamics, ‘Equal liberty’ becomes ostrich,
Still, proclaiming lion and lamb are on equal pedestal.
To show everybody has equal rights, Lamb is given a chance,
After slitting the tongue and gagging the mouth.
Barking Dogs pounce to show might is right,
Cat closed its eyes believing out of sight out of mind.
In between, mice get a chance to flee;
Completely oblivious, snakes valet there to snatch glee.

Mirage is reality, reality is conflict,
Justice appears an illusion, injustice seems definite.

However, once the trumpet sounds, everything will be annihilated,
The truth will be unveiled, justice will prevail.
Very few could leave Hades, once they entered;
The denominator of justice can never be altered…

This poem was submitted by Mr. Masoom Reza who is a 4th year student at Jamia Millia Islamia University.

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