Sign The Petition: Justice For NUJS Online Course Students

On 27th June 2018, NUJS uploaded a notice on its website suspending all online courses which were conducted with the assistance of private entities. NUJS conducted certain online courses with the assistance of online technology and other assistance provided by iPleaders.

Students enrolled in these courses from NUJS website, paid the fees to NUJS and sent the enrollment forms to the university, and thereafter were allotted proper enrollment numbers for our respective courses. The details about admitted students are available in the course registers maintained by the university for the respective courses, which some students claim to have personally verified by visiting your University in the past.

Thereafter the students have pursued our respective courses as suggested by the University. Most of them have finished pursuing their courses and have been waiting for certificates when the notice from NUJS hit them like a bolt from the blue.

Approximately 3000 students who were studying the courses or had finished their curriculum and exams and were waiting for certificates at that point in time were adversely affected. No information was provided by the University on what would happen to the courses of these students.

After a long battle of court cases, the students are yet to get justice. It is time that the community of legal students help them. Please visit the link given below and sign the petition on ” Justice for NUJS Online Course Students 

Here is the link to the petition.

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