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Worried about impressive resume, better connection and sources for Internship, some good publication? Now Relax.


Jus Dicere brings to you the Law Basket, Your One Stop Solution to everything you need in Law School, from guidance to assistance, from a roadmap to an ideal schedule, this is your best friend, your mentor, your all-in-one. It will help you irrespective of which law school you are enrolled in, it is personalized and tailor-made to your strengths and abilities and you can manage your CV and your achievements at your own pace.

Dealing with everything from your research paper to your moot court, your professional social media presence to having your own personal website as an all-access online CV, it doesn’t get better than this.

Why this Program

Each one of us during the five years of law school goes through periods of motivation and demotivation but one inattentive semester in terms of academics and co-curricular can cost you the career opportunity of your dreams.

Legal Industry is increasingly competitive and the star opportunities up for grabs are far and few in between. This program ensures that you are always on top of your game making the best use of law school with a guided helping hand to make it happen.

Perks & Features

List of all services, subscription consist of:

Research & Publication Assistance: From the selection of topic, research drafting to publication in the journal, we assist through all, providing you the list of authentic, revered and false journals in India too. We promise to get at least two papers published for you.

Internship Assistance: Internships are indispensable to any budding lawyer, whether you are interested in working a company or a law firm and we will help you secure one as per your interests.

Profile Building & Development: One of the most important things that will be looked up when you apply anywhere is your social media presence. The human resources department had an exceedingly important say in any selection to an organization and it is imperative to set your best profile forward. We revamp your social media profiles to highlight your achievements and make your personality shine through it.

Tailor Made CV: Your CV is your first impression, it should be professional, neat and precise. An un-updated all over the place CV will create that impression of you, while a tailor-made CV will guarantee you a call.

Professional writing training: Professional communication has to follow a repertoire that is formal and respectful and the same comes with a list of dos and don’ts which are crucial when you are approaching anyone professionally.

Moot Court Training Module: Moot Courts are the most important curricular activity that you will have to engage in as it is as close to reality as it gets. However, the same requires a set of hard and soft skills that are hard to acquire. From the art of writing memorial briefs to the points to pay attention while making your oral submissions, we train you in all.

Research Training Program: From understanding the various types of research methodology to deriving a title from your research topic, collection and interpretation of data to drawing conclusions, this research training covers both doctrinal and nondoctrinal methods of research.

One Week Blog Training: We bring you a week-long blogging course through the process of which you would be made aware about the basics of blogging going to the sophisticated techniques that will help you in growing the same.

Personal Website: This will be your online personality with the information that you want to portray without the limitations of social media profiles. A website solely dedicated to you, your achievements, your publications and your aspirations.

Career Guidance from Certified Counsellor: If you are confused about your interests in law school and are unsure of your career path, we provide you guidance from a certified counselor who helps you in figuring your career path.

Mode of Delivery

This program would be delivered easily via email. For further ease, the program coordinator will be always available on call for any clarification and assistance throughout your journey.

How to Register

Subscription Fees – 4999/-

Early Bird Offer – ₹1999/- valid till June 05, 2018 (A Small Amount with 1000s of Opportunity)

Register Here or Pay via Paytm at 9717828744.

After the transaction, please drop an email at [email protected] for confirmation.

Reach Us

Want to have a chat, Need any clarifications regarding any aspect, or up for a discussion regarding your career roadmap?

Drop us an email at [email protected] or WhatsApp at +91 8744099951.

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