Call for Blog Posts: Jus Dicere’s Blog: Rolling Submission; Internship Opportunity Available

Parag Agrawal identified and founded Jus Dicere with the dual objectives of providing a platform to such people for expressing their opinions and showcasing their research not only on a national scale but also to a huge base of international readers and making well-researched content conveniently available to the legal fraternity.

We, at Jus Dicere, encourage individuals to present their research work in social, economic and political areas which are all pragmatic ingredients of the legal field. The medium can be anything from a blog or a publication to an event.

Fortunately, in a very short span of time, the vision has materialized and is growing at an exponential rate. Thanks to our team constituting about 200 hardworking and passionate members! The scope of further growth is huge for us which is why we keep welcoming new talent with different ideologies to our organization. (To Join us a Researcher, you can apply here.)

To Assist Law Student, Jus Dicere provides many services like Research Assistance, Profile Development, CV Writing.

Today we are proud to proclaim that Jus Dicere has evolved multiple verticals with individual aims and objectives to serve the Legal Fraternity. Our advisors are some of the most competent and eminent personalities of the industry who provide us with constant support and encouragement in our endeavor towards a gainful learning and interactive experience to carve a niche in the horizons of success.

About Our Blog

The Research team of Jus Dicere run a Writer Corner which contains notes, articles, important legal updates and case briefs on contemporary issues. The blog is comprehensive and is updated regularly.

Call for Blog

In order to facilitate various Law Students to show their writing skills on the various topic of law, we invite students as well as professionals to send in blog posts to Jus Dicere.

The post must deal with a contemporary issue of law and must provide the author’s view on the issue.

Posts which address recent issues and developments of the legal domain are preferred.

Submission Guidelines

Our submission policy guides you through the process of entering your article details and uploading your files. The system later converts your article files to a single PDF file used in the peer-review process. All correspondence, including notification of the Editor’s decision and requests for revision, is sent by e-mail.

  • Suggested Word Limit – 700 Words to 1200 Words.
  • The work submitted shall be original and unpublished. Plagiarism of any kind is not tolerable and would lead to immediate rejection.
  • Co-authorship is not allowed.
  • The article should be drafted keeping in view these headings: Introduction, objective, description of the research issues including a socio-legal analysis of the problem, precedents and judicial decisions, impact and implications, possible outcomes and the solutions.
  • The title of the article should be in Times New Roman, Font Size 14, Bold and Center-Aligned followed by the names of the authors along with their Affiliations in Size 12 as Footnotes.
  • A margin of 1 inch (2.54 cm) should be left on all the sides.
  • Article submitted should be typed in font Times New Roman with font size 12, line spacing 1.5’; Justified.
  • Footnotes cited in the article should be typed in font Times New Roman with font size 10, line spacing 1’; Justified.
  • The text and citation must confirm to the 20th Edition of the Bluebook: A uniform system of citation.
  • Page borders should not be used.
  • The article should be submitted in only MS Word Format.
How to Submit

Kindly upload your article at form available here. Once the article is submitted, you will automatically receive an acknowledgment of receipt.

Kindly note, we will appreciate receiving any communication in respect of submission in reply to the same email.

Important Dates

Submissions are accepted on Rolling Basis. Confirmation of publication will be emailed within 45 days of submission.

For any further queries, connect with us at [email protected] or give us a ring at +91 8448443951

Internship Opportunity @ Noida Office (September – December 2018)

We are seeking enthusiastic, dedicated, conscientious, highly creative individuals to work with us at Jus Dicere to expand the vision and benefits of the same across their local community as well as among the legal fraternity.

You will be engaged in working with the core team at Jus Dicere supervised by the founder and the mentors to support a wide range of administrative, creative and writing tasks. Your association with Jus Dicere has been designed to ensure overall development of our members, it is a mutually beneficial process where both the organization and the member involved take something away with it, none more than the other.

  • For 5 year Law course, the potential candidate should at least be in his/her 3rd year of study and further. For 3 year LLB course, the potential candidate should be in his/her 2nd year of study and further.
  • Inclination towards reading and ability to process and filter.
  • A dedication close to 7 to 8 working hours per day.
  • An interest in creative writing, reading and self-education.
  • Strict Adherence to deadlines and a willingness to learn and improve constantly- these are absolutely non-negotiable.
  • Stipend up to 5k (Based on performance & experience.)
  • Opportunity to earn with our Network Affiliate Program.
  • A Good Exposure to working with like-minded people.
  • Learn and gain practical experience to manage projects
  • Exposure to our covered publications – get free copies of select books.
  • Get to interact with our Authors and meet Eminent Lawyer.
How to Apply

The application for the internship should be mailed to [email protected]. Please attach your statement of Purpose along with Curriculum Vitae.

Selected candidates will be notified of our decision not earlier than 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the internship. Please note that only successful applicants will be contacted. Due to a large number of applicants, we regret our inability to notify all applicants.

In case of any specific queries, please write to us at [email protected]



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