Internship Experience @ Jyoti Sagar Associates JSA, Mumbai: Rs. 1500/Week Stipend

Name: Anonymous, Rizvi Law College, Mumbai. 4th year law (BLS/LLB)

Name of the organization. City: Jyoti Sagar Associates, Mumbai

Duration of the internship: 4 weeks

How big was the office? Team strength? 3 floors, around 100 people

Application procedure: I applied simultaneously to the HR Mr.Shariff ([email protected]) and on the internship page of the firm here.

I also attached one of my essays so that the HR could help make a better decision. It isn’t mandatory and tons of interns who didn’t do this still got in. But better safe than never! (Make sure you send only an exceptional essay or none at all. Safer to keep em guessing you see!)

I got a reply within two days of my application even though I’m not from an NLU let alone a college that is even known. I guess that makes JSA quite indiscriminatory.

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings 4 weeks (which can be extended for a week more). 5 days a week. From 9.30 to 6.30. Even though Saturdays and Sundays are non-working days, if an associate calls you; you have NO choice.

A co-intern was called for almost all weekends! The official timings are 9.30, however if you even reach by 11 which I did almost always (I had an amazing associate to work with who didn’t mind me coming in a bit late :D) nobody says a thing, more so because everybody’s busy in their own work.

But if a Partner calls you to come in by a certain time, you DO need to arrive by that time.

Accommodation: I live in Mumbai so accommodation was not an issue. However for people from outstation there are various PG’s available around here for around 7k a month. Hostels are aplenty here. Check the availability well before hand though.

First impression. First day, formalities etc. On the first day you are told to come in by 10 for the orientation. The office seems intimidating (first day phobia!), big and you can get totally lost on the first day finding your way around the office.

Mr Shariff (the HR) talks to you about the firm, its history, and its expectations from an intern and also about placements via internships! Mr Shariff is quite a funny man, and since I was the only one who joined that day, he cracked me up with a few of his “political” jokes.

He answers every query patiently and makes you feel at ease almost immediately. He’s very approachable and if you face any issues or aren’t getting any work (yes, you have to ask for work from various associates/partners depending on your interest as you are not assigned to any specific team as such), you can approach him or his secretary Mr Sankar.

After the orientation, Mr Sankar gives you a mini tour while taking you towards the interns seating area. Each floor has an intern area where desktops/laptops are assigned to each intern.

Main tasks (in detail): Since JSA has various areas of practice, (Media Law being its recent addition) you can choose your work according to your area of interest. I personally prefer IPR and Media Law, and specifically worked on these areas.

I was assigned to various due diligences, lots of research work related to movies, movies and a lil more of movies! However, just because you are working with one associate, it doesn’t mean you won’t get any work from other partners/associates. As the days passed, I found myself working in other fields simultaneously.

My worked ranged from case law searches, due diligences, research ranging from the director of movies to SEBI regulations and even compilation of data (aka the dreaded work of printing thousands of documents in a day). All in all, you can be assigned to any work. Just take it in as a learning experience.

Work environment, people: The work environment is pretty great at JSA. The associates are really cool to work with. They are friendly, approachable and act like buddies.

Not once do you feel inferior or would want the world to split wide open and suck you right in. Even if you make mistakes, the associates patiently explain to you the way and help you really learn.

However at times, it can get really stressful for an intern to cope up with tons of work and submit it in the same day. Some of my co-interns would stay up in the office up till 5 in the morning, just trying to complete the work assigned.

I was really lucky to have an amazing associate who was really chilled out and made life easier.

There are certain associates you need to stay away from. (You’ll know once you go! :p) They’re the ones who just dump work on you and expect you to know what and how to do things beforehand and submit it within ungodly hours.

If you don’t, off goes an email to the HR complaining about your incompetency. I know interns who were asked to leave due to the very same reason.

Best things? Sodexo passes so you don’t have to worry about lunch, getting a JSA embossed file and booklet, working alongside my other half (co-incidentally we got an internship for the same slot!), having a really talented and amazing associate who helped me grow were definitely a few of the best parts of the internship.

The associates send you appreciation mails if your work is good which really elevates your mood to a whole other level. They thank you for the work you do and treat you like a part of the team.

Also if you stay post 8 pm at office, the company pays for dinner and also pays for transport that you have incurred for that night, for me it meant Domino’s pizza and a Tab Cab ride back home.

Moreover there wasn’t a single day where I sat idle or got bored with the kind of work I was assigned. So it was a very satisfying experience. I personally look forward to interning (see working :p) there again.

Bad things? The work pressure. It may kill your social life as there’s just too much work around here.

Also, some associates dump work and just walk away expecting you to know what to do, which really sucks since you HAVE to ask them what to do, so that’s when you see the associate pass you the “You’re so dumb” look; while some just say it out loud. Some even proclaim “I’ll never work with you again”.

But save a few of these workaholics who expect you to know everything, the rest of the lot are an absolute delight to work with!

What did you do to chill?  There are various lunch homes around the office to sit around and have coffee at (which also serve amazing lunch thalis) , or you could just take a stroll around Ballard Estate which is lined with gigantic tress on either side of the road which make you feel you are shadowed throughout with the beauty of mother nature.

Hot navy men to ogle at are a frequent sight. The street side vendors whip up the tastiest chaats that tingle your taste buds. Marine Drive, Colaba Causeway and the likes are a few kms away, so you could go unwind there after a long day at work.

Stipend/ month: Around 1500/week

Other things: Nothing much, other than the fact that don’t be too choosy about your work or you may end up with no work at all. If you cannot or do not wish to do the work assigned and want to change the same; please honestly tell the associate that the work isn’t your cuppa.

Be subtle but not blunt, or your internship may be jeopardized (screwing your chances of ever getting placed here). Also don’t be afraid to ask for work cos that’s the norm around there.

Biggest lessons: It would definitely be the way you look at a corporate law firm. JSA manages to balance all aspects and helps you learn a lot during your internship. JSA shows you that even if you are an intern, you are given tons of appreciation for your (good) work.

For me JSA was an enriching experience that really helped me grow. It taught me to differentiate between my interests, politely say no to work I knew wouldn’t want to do but at the same time showed me how one should adapt and accept certain work even if you do not wish to undertake the same.


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