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Mediation is the need of the hour. With a huge burden of cases on the Indian courts and other adversarial alternative mechanisms of dispute resolution failing to achieve their objectives, there is no denial that in the recent future people will start turning to mediation.

This collaborative method of dispute resolution has proven to be successful around the world by helping people resolve their matters in a fast, efficient and timely manner.

There is a lack of awareness about mediation services, a problem that is compounded by lack of access to these services.


ODRways is an initiative taken by students of National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, to promote mediation related activities in India.

We have been working towards developing a first of its kind online platform for mediators in India, called “DOMAIN” i.e. Directory of Mediators in India.

It serves two purposes

1. It is the first national directory of mediators in India. It will make it easier for people to contact  mediators when they have disputes.

2. It will also serve as a knowledge sharing platform for mediators. They can engage in discussions and stay updated with all the mediation related developments around the country.


This directory will be accessible to members of the public, the legal profession, large corporations, small businesses, government departments, court officials, individuals, and disputants.

It will help in bringing together the mediation community of India on a common platform.


Further, it is completely free as there is no listing fee for the first six months to become a part of the platform.

Join Domain

If you are a certified mediator, then join the “Domain” by filling up a simple registration form.

Click HERE and make your mediation services easily accessible to people in India.


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