Internship Experience @ Advocate John Ralph, Kochi: Rich Learning Environment, Rs. 1K Stipend

Name of organisation

Adv. John. S. Ralph is a very popular figure in the lower courts of Ernakulam and Fort Kochi and also well known for awarding a rich internship experience.

He is a knowledgeable person and knows the historical background of almost every court and each local act. He is very accommodative and handles his work and also continuously updates you in case the local language leaves you behind a little.

Application Process

I applied to him for internships through one of his earlier interns.

Office, Timings

He works at a humble office that is bursting with yellow files, which seems menacing to most.

I used to report in formal clothes to his office at 8 a.m every morning, which is also his residence, near Pachalam Railway Crossing, Vaduthala, Kaloor, Ernakulam.

Work, Environment

He assigned me a desk, and allowed me to go through the case files for the day. He would refrain from showing me sensitive information, which were evidence, but would explain their relevance in each case.

The advocate internship at the district court under Adv John S Ralph, was an eye opener and the a very rich experience as it helped me gain an insight into the way lower courts and the High Courts of India work.

I visited the court everyday and observed the proceedings for a week and also learnt court mannerisms and familiarized myself with the main process.

I was required to have a basic knowledge of CrPC and I learnt the entire act and the main process involved under the supervision of Adv Ralph and his associates Adv John John and Adv Joseph.

Best things

Adv. Ralph assisted me in drafting applications and also created a learning environment within which I learnt how to formulate arguments and build a strong defence.

He additionally, helped gave me a crash course on the Indian Evidence Act and its application. I also learnt how and under what circumstances adjournments could be filed and when writs can be applied for.


At the end of the internship I was richly rewarded with a stipend of Rs 1000. He was also willing to be my reference person and even awarded me with a certificate which talked highly about the quality of the work I did.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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