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Internship Experience @ John Deere, Pune (Locomotive Manufacturer): Stipend of Rs. 10,000, Good Work Environment


Palak Khare

B.V.D.U, New Law College, Pune

5th year

Duration of the Internship

11th January, 2016 -19th February, 2016

Internship experience at John Deere, Pune


Ever since humans came into existence, expecting the unexpected always fascinates them, and definitely I am one of them. I have never expected that a simple question of “Tell me something about yourself” will turn out to be one of the most fascinating experience of my life for over a month.

This year started with lots of hope and new dreams for me as I was heading towards the completion of my 5 Year BA-LLB course, and what best I can expect than getting a paid internship in one of the leading Locomotive manufacturer of the world “JOHN DEERE”.

It was the last week of December when I came to know that our college is trying to arrange internship for the students in some of the leading industries in their legal department which will definitely be a great learning phase for the students.

It was a much excited moment for me as just a thought of working with some of the best professionals in the industry was very enthralling.

The internship was arranged by the Training & Placement department of my college; however, if anyone wants to personally apply for internship at John Deere, then they can send a mail at [email protected]

It was an off day for me and I was busy with my daily chorus of work when the phone rang. I picked up the phone very casually and then the voice I heard was of the HR from the company.

My heart started pounding as if it has got a target of beating at least 1000 times a minute. Greetings were exchanged and then I got the first interview question of my life “Tell me something about yourself”.

After I finished, the HR told me that if I was selected I will get a call and finally I got a call from the HR department that I have been selected and an offer will be made to me for the internship in few days, and believe me I was waiting with bated breath, when a mail popped up from John Deere.

In the offer letter, the mention of stipend of Rs. 10,000/- per month was like a bolt from the blue.

Now about the company, the office of John Deere is located in Magarpatta City, an oasis of serenity amidst the bustling city of Pune, which was a far of place from my home which is in Pune itself but made me think of my daily commutation to and from office.

However, as it is said luck has its own say, to my surprise the company bus pick and drop was on the door step of my society which gave me a much needed relieve.

But not to worry if you do not have a house in Pune as there are lots of P.G all around Pune as well as in Magarpatta City where you can accommodate yourself.

I was supposed to join the company from 11th of January and finally the big day arrived.

Dressed in the court uniform like a confident lawyer I reached. Unlike our college where anyone has the right to enter the premise at their will, here at the entrance, there is a waiting room cum security check reception.

There is quite a strict security ensuring procedure at John Deere. The interns or any new joining were only allowed to enter on Visitor Passes with an escort, till Access cards are issued.

As you enter, you are directed by your escort to the HR department for joining formalities. So the escort directed me, as well as others towards a conference hall.

Finally, my project guide came and briefed about my work and I was shown the way to what was going to be my office for the days to come and my own cubicle, where my name plate was affixed after two days.

I was introduced to all other legal department members and they all were very friendly and professional.

The Work

At John Deere, I was working with a tool regarding Permits and approvals.

The tool deals with various licenses that has to be renewed or initiated related to John Deere so that the company’s working is not obstructed due to non-compliance with the legal formalities.

I was coached in the basics of the tool and was handed an individual computer with a personalized mail id and password for my work purposes.

Over the course of my work, I reviewed the various documents and keyed them in the tool and did other miscellaneous work that was dropped off on me from time to time.

My initial days were spent doing less work relating to tool, so I started reading online articles and as I had my environment paper in college so read about that also. But later when all the technicalities with the tool were fixed, I had to work on tool with all force.

Topping the list of what I liked about the office would obviously be the infrastructure, the cafeteria and the CCD Coffee Machine which you could use innumerable times you want.

The machine usually gave us good coffee regardless of whether you chose Cappuccino, Expresso or Latte, you would always get exactly the same kind of coffee.

Work Environment

The timings of the office were not great at all. Inclusive of travelling time, I gave 12 hours of my day, i.e., from 8 am to 8 pm, to the internship except Saturdays and Sundays.

But the work environment was great as all the people in the office were very friendly and cooperative.

Everyone in the Company used to have lunch together and the interns are also invited to join them.

So, the lunch hour you spend interacting and sharing the eatables with the whole team, sort of made up for everything else. During lunch, they talk about everything except work.

Also, birthdays at the Company were celebrated with cakes and snacks, and birthday of my project guide fell in the month of January itself. Apart from that, I also got a chance to go for a grand lunch at a buffet restaurant which was awesome.

Thus, my overall internship experience at John Deere was superb and exciting. I made many friends as well.

What did I learn?

 I did get to learn a lot from this Internship:

Understanding the complexities of corporate legal work: I learned that corporate legal department, many a times assign non legal work as well according to the need of Company. Thus, the legal team did various works not relating to their profile.

Developing friendly relationships: Being friendly and developing good relations with your colleague are as important as work that you do. At John Deere, I could see the legal department is closely knit. That functions well due to the trusting nature of co-workers.

Work lightly: Though, the team sometimes had to face the situation of work with deadline. But they never took the work heavily and took the work lightly. This was something to learn.

However, for me as an intern, it was an easy going place always, where I had to ask for the next task to accomplish as and when I finish my earlier task.

This entry has been submitted for the LexisNexis-Lawctopus Internship Experience Writing Competition 2015-2016. iPleaders is the learning partner for this competition.

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