JOB POST: Vidhi is Developing a Resource for Indian Laws: CEO, Content, Technology, Outreach Lead Needed: Apply by April 20 #recommended

The Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy is helping to start a new venture – a free, comprehensive website that makes Indian laws more accessible.

The Idea

Any society that seeks to live by the rule of law must have a clear understanding of what its laws are. The proliferation of laws in modern societies can be quite overwhelming for the professional lawyer, let alone the lay citizen trying to understand her rights and obligations.

Equally, law-making in any democratic society must be accompanied by healthy and informed debate on the contours of the law and the problems which it seeks to address.

In the specific context of India, the barriers of language, education and technological reach add to the problem of lack of legal awareness.

The language of the law is arcane and jargon-filled making easy understanding all the more difficult to the ordinary.

A single repository and explanations of all laws is not readily available. Equally regrettably, law-making in India is largely divorced from meaningful debate, both within the Houses of Parliament and outside. Debate which does take place is ad hoc and scarcely involves active citizen participation.

The idea behind an open website of Indian laws is to be the first port of call for any person looking for the bare text of a law, understanding its implications in simple language, and being informed by and contributing to meaningful debate on law and the legal system in India.

While the Website will at first be entirely in English, if visitor traffic, the popularity and demand for laws in regional languages is sufficient to justify it, the Website will also be multi-lingual in the future.

The Website will have three parts:

a) A repository that aims to collate every law in force in India, in searchable, hyperlinked format,

b) An explainer with plain language versions of the law, explaining them in an easily understandable manner and

c) A moderated discussion forum for debate and deliberation on legal reform in India.

Who are we looking for?

The Website will be run by a fulltime CEO + team of three, along with a network of volunteers. Currently, we are looking to build the full time team, with people matching the following descriptions:

I. Chief Executive Officer

To lead the development and outreach of this website, we’re looking for a person with:

Demonstrable commitment to citizen empowerment

Some experience leading teams/new ventures

An all-round set of relevant skills which may include legal knowledge, familiarity with developing technological

platforms, and outreach and networking in the non-profit sector in India.

A minimum of five years of work experience.

Remuneration for this position will be in the range of INR 10-12 lakh per annum.

II. Content Lead

The Content Lead will be responsible for sourcing and quality-control of the legal content (laws and explainers) on the website.

Her primary task will be to set up systems to ensure fast-paced content development through the use of screened volunteers while ensuring quality and accuracy of the final content. For this role, we’re looking for a person with:

A minimum of a graduate degree in law + three years of work experience.

A demonstrable interest in new legal ventures, particularly with respect to citizen engagement.

Remuneration for this role will be commensurate with experience and with comparable organisations.

III. Technology Lead

The Technology Lead will be responsible for the development and maintenance of the website and its content management systems.

This will include some degree (~30%) of hands-on work with the website, while primarily (~70%) leading external development teams to create and manage the website.

Characteristics and qualifications we are looking for include:

A demonstrable interest in the use of technology for citizen engagement and empowerment.

Three years of work experience, preferably in website management, or product management/equivalent role in internet or software organisations.

Experience in starting or working in new ventures will be a definite plus.

Remuneration for this role will be commensurate with experience and with comparable organisations.

IV. Outreach Lead

The Outreach role will be primarily responsible for ensuring that the website reaches those who need it the most. Increase in visibility and relevant traffic will be her primary goals, which will be achieved through a mix of online and offline efforts.

For this role, we’re looking for a person who:

Has a demonstrable interest in the use of law, technology or both for citizen engagement and empowerment.

Has at least two years of work experience in outreach/communications in the non-profit sector. Experience in online engagement will be a definite plus.

Remuneration for this role will be commensurate with experience and with comparable organisations.

If you are interested in any of these roles, please send your CV and a brief (not more than 500 words) statement explaining your motivation to careers[at] by 20th April, 2016.

Please do mention the role you are applying for in the Subject Line.

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