JOB POST: Multiple Positions @ [Students, Legal Aid Programme]: Apply by Sept 30


KnowLaw is an initiative which aims to weave easy access to legal aid for the public, and deliver updates on most recent socio-legal matters. Our team comprises of an active network of students, academicians and lawyers from various parts of the country.

We believe that legal awareness is a pre-requisite for ensuring access to justice, and with more than half the population of India lacking the basic legal knowhow, KnowLaw has recognized the immediate need to provide easy access to law and justice.

To achieve this, KnowLaw has associated with the Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), Kochi and is working on promoting legal awareness through legal aid programmes, awareness camps and seminars.

With the massive growth witnessed in the number of people who have access to social networks and online media, KnowLaw also plans to provide legal aid through the online platform, thus making legal aid merely a touch or click away. We also have a dedicated team of bloggers who work on delivering the latest scoop on law, to the public.

Job Posts

KnowLaw is inviting applications for the following posts, from students who are currently pursuing law in India:

Research Associates

– Tasks include researching on various socio-legal matters, as well as subjects allotted to the respective associate by KnowLaw. You may have to evaluate and edit speaking-notes / powerpoints for speakers, and link them to articles or information on the particular subject they will be dealing with. Research Associates may have to also keep the bloggers updated with the latest socio-legal issues to work on.


– As the name of the post suggests, your core task will be blogging on relevant socio-legal matters. You will be given login access to the website if you have the technical knowhow, and in case you don’t, you can forward your posts as a MS Word Doc and our team will post it on your behalf. Each blogger will be expected to contribute to atleast 2 posts (300-750 words) every 2 weeks.

Campus Managers

– Campus Managers are expected to represent KnowLaw in their respective campuses, inform the students in their colleges about various events, camps etc. hosted by KnowLaw and get people involved. Campus Managers are expected to help organise legal aid camps in locations nearest to your campus after coordinating with the core team. You will also have to promote KnowLaw on facebook and other social media, and selected members will be assigned the role of managing the pages on social media.


– Speakers are expected to have excellent conversational skills, but more than that we expect the speakers to have that drive in them to reach out to the public. You should be able to convey the message to the public in such a manner that they can connect with your talk.

*Applicants need to be affiliated to a recognized law college / university in India.

KnowLaw Journal

KnowLaw is also launching an international journal, International Journal on Law and Access to Justice [IJLAJ] in association with HRLN, Kochi to promote legal scholarship and research. Students are invited to send in application for the following posts available in the journal:

Executive Editor

– Tasks include screening of articles or other submissions and assigning submissions to Associate Editors for review. It also involves monitoring of review conducted by Associate Editors and ensuring of timely reviews. Executive Editors will also have the task of proofreading, checking of structure and clarity of the edited submissions.

Associate Editor

– Associate Editors will have the task of primary editing of articles, checking of grammar, style and citation etc. Once reviewed, the document is to be forwarded to Assistant Editors who will forward the document back to the Associate Editor after making the suggested changes.

Assistant Editor

– Assistant Editors will have to make the necessary changes or editing as suggested by Associate Editors. They also have to verify the footnotes and check for plagiarism. Reports should be submitted to the Assistant Editor within the allotted time.

*Applicants need to be affiliated to a recognized law college / university in India.


 Opportunity to publish your research papers in reputed journals we have tie-ups with.

 Opportunity to participate as well as host legal aid camps and seminars in your neighbourhood, with KnowLaw and Human Rights Law Network.

 Opportunity to get exclusive internships set for you by our contacts.

 Become a part of a network of students from various law schools throughout the country, get connected and improve your contacts.

 Certificate and Letter of Recommendation.

 Profiling on KnowLaw website.

Application Procedure

Applications along with your CV and a statement of purpose are to be sent to [email protected]

The subject of the email should mention the job post(s) you’re applying for.

We will make sure that all the applications are responded to within 3-7 days after receiving the email.


27th September, 2016.

Contact Details

Any queries maybe directed to:

Email: [email protected]

Phone : +918590991011.

P.S. Applications should be sent to [email protected]

For further details, click HERE.

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