Recruiting organisation: CIMMYT

Designation: Senior Legal Counsel

Location: New Delhi

Candidates Post Qualification Experience: 12-25 yrs

Practice Area Specialisation:

1. Contract management

2. Drafting and vetting of documents

3. Litigation

4. Intellectual Property matters

5. Patents

Job Description

1. Collaborate with the administrative and research personnel of CIMMYT on legal issues arising from contracts related to scientific research and its various activities.

2. Write and analyze contractual agreements related to scientific research.

3. Assess the degree of freedom of operation and use of scientific research and technology by third parties (of CIMMYT projects).

4. Gather and evaluate information about legal issues and regulations on seed, bio- safety legislation and intellectual property, in which information is gathered on seed improvement and agricultural technology of CIMMYT.

5. Organize and update a database of scientific research related agreements, contracts and licenses of CIMMYT.

6. Support the implementation and updating of policies and legal procedures of the organization.

7. Collaborate in disseminating the information related to policies and procedures of intellectual property and legal matters to CIMMYT personnel.

8. Role spans several projects/ units OR large project (s). Contributes significantly to CIMMYT through advice, support, development of systems, monitoring, control or optimization of resources.

Candidate Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Law, Intellectual Property or equivalent.

Candidate must have minimum 12 years of legal experience with conceptual knowledge of theories, practices and procedures in the domain of scientific research.

Email for Sending Applications

[email protected]

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