JOB POST: Associate Editors for Policy Eye Magazine: Apply by August 21


Policy Eye is a digital magazine, publishing narrative and analytical articles, focussing on economics, foreign policy, law and politics. It is a staunchly independent publication that, in a world dominated by powerful corporate media elites, seeks to provide insightful information in a manner that is unbiased.

We take the facts of contemporary events, and present them without spin, but rather within their proper context. Launched in 2016, Policy Eye is interested in further growing its audience and its team of committed individuals who are located across the globe.


Policy Eye is looking for highly motivated students or recent graduates to join them as:

1. Columnists

2. Associate Editors

3. Marketing Associate

4. IT & Designs Associate

Job Description

1. Columnists: Each division (economics, foreign policy, law and politics) is looking for columnists to contribute articles in their respective fields. Divisions are comprised of editors who review the articles; and columnists who draft said articles. A columnist would be required to:

• Conceptualize, upon editors’ requests, narratives and analyses on contemporary events;

• Transform conceptualizations into draft articles (normally one per month, or a different frequency to be mutually decided by the Columnist and the Senior Editor); and

• Consider and execute interventions made by editors.

Candidates should also have an impeccable and clear grasp of the English language. The magazine’s articles must meet a standard of clarity, brevity, and wit.

 2. Associate Editors: Each division (economics, foreign policy, law and politics) is looking for Associate Editors to work in their respective fields. Associate Editors are responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient and high quality articles being produced in their respective thematic area. This does not involve contributing to every article, but rather:

• Coordinating with fellow Associate Editors and the Senior Editor to decide which topics need discussion;

• Facilitating in one way or another the drafting of articles by Columnists; and

• Reviewing draft articles, and recommending potential changes in content or style.

Candidates should also have an impeccable and clear grasp of the English language. One of the tasks of an editor is to assess an article’s ability to convey its points clearly, succinctly, and with wit.

3. Marketing Associate: Being founded only in 2016, it is important for Policy Eye to build itself up as a brand, and our Marketing  team has to play a big role in it. A marketing associate will be largely responsible to work along with the Director (Marketing) of Policy Eye, and build its brand image, and enhance its readership size. Candidates are required to have a good understanding of social media, and have impeccable and clear grasp of English language.

4. IT & Designs Associate: Being a digital platform, we are in need of one person to help us take care of our website. Knowledge of WordPress is mandatory. Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or other similar designing platforms will be an added advantage. Candidates are required to have professional proficiency in English language.


Interested candidates are required to send their Curriculum Vitae along with a Statement of Purpose (in English) within the 21st of August to [email protected] and cc the email to [email protected]


Since we are newly established non-profit initiative run by students, we will be unable to remunerate you.


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