Fresh Graduates Required at Biswajit Sarkar Advocates – IP Attorneys.

Job Description

PCT Filing, Patent Search, Patent Registra tion Filing, Patent Infringement; Trade Mark Search, Trade Mark Registration, Trade Mark Licensing, Trade Mark Infringement; Copyright Registration, Copyright Licensing, Copyright Infringement; Design Search, Design Registration and Design Infringement.


Salary based on performance.




Fresh Graduates with IPR Hons. preferred with good communication skills and command over English.

Application Procedure

Kindly upload your resume through the link provided in the website.


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  1. Review:

    Hello Friends,

    I recently got selected as an Associate to work in the organization. But when I joined, I get to know the procedure that at first I had to work as a Legal Intern for 2 months, then as Legal Trainee for 6 months and on that basis I will be given the position of Associate. This was disclosed through the offer letter that I have received after 1 week of joining and started working in the firm. Within the span of time I worked here, immediately after two weeks which was tiresome, I decided to leave the job after seeing the work culture and negative office environment. Throughout my life, I never had such terrible bad experience. I would only suggest you my friends not to repeat the same mistake that I have done by selecting this job. I didn’t only waste my time, money and energy but also had a terrified experience of an old man, who speaks so sweetly during interview appeared to be characterless, ill-mannered and philander.

    So let me share with you my experience…

    At first I would like to tell all the job-hunters and fresher’s not to follow the website. Why is that so? Well, the websites was handled by us, we Interns were given instruction to update the websites and publicize it. The articles and blogs were written by us. It was our hard work; unfortunately we were never given credited for that. We were given instruction to write in a manner that it must give impression to fresher’s etc. as if the firm works in a diversified field of IPR and it is very big. But it reality, it’s all fake. We were only three employees who was working under him, all were fresher’s. It does not have an authentic office look in fact it is a rented apartment where he works. Mr. Biswajit Sarkar is the sole owner and he is very ill-mannered. He only prefers females to work there. There is no fix timing though at the time of joining, you have to sign the offer letter as Intern where time slot allotted will be 10am- 8pm from Monday to Friday and only for Saturday 10am- 3pm. Unfortunately he does not follow the time schedule and makes the female employees to work from 10am to 1pm. And at the end of the day, no convenience is provided to us and your life is at risk as at that point of time, you will not find any cab or any other services. In these two weeks I had to ask my family members to come and pick me up from office at that weird office time as neither the local transport nor any cab services from office side was provided to us. His height of Impolite and numpty increased when he started calling us, the employees at the middle of the night and pretended as if some works are pending. But when you start speaking to him, he would use filthy language, and would speak rubbish, nothing pertaining to office work. He even asks us to come on Sunday and work without getting any extra pay. And what was the work? Well, nothing, write articles for his websites and chit-chat with him. He did not provide the salary on time to my fellow employees who were bound to leave the job; instead if he was in good mood, we had to beg for the salary even for tea -break. Working environment is horrible. As everyday some or the other neighbors, or nearby chai wala, or maid, etc. used to come and howl, scream and create nuisance at his office as he never used to pay them money which they deserved to get for the services they provided to him. In fact I witnessed one of the incidents when his landlord had come down and shouted for not paying the rent on time as it was a mid of another month and he didn’t pay for two consecutive months.

    Concerning on work, well at the time of Joining, during interview he would say numerous things that they work on, and would say it is very tough to work here unless you have good depth knowledge on IPR. But when I joined what we observed, everyday one or the other employees leave the job and new applicants come down, work was mainly handling the social media, replying to his emails, attending conference and seminars. Mainly he used to visit small scale industries that have little knowledge on IP. So we used to visit there and provide them information why IPR is important and later on, they become our clients. Only few Trademark and patent filing were handled and every week he had to visit to Patent office and he used to get scolding from the Deputy Registrar for misleading Clients to file patent for a particular inventions. This man was not only uncouth, pathetic but always discouraged students. According to him, all law colleges are bullshit; the teachers don’t provide any knowledge on IPR, only he knows IPR and if one works according to him will have an apt on IPR.

    Well, two weeks with a horrified and terrible experience, I can only tell you friends, find any job anywhere in India but don’t join this firm as he is a ridiculous person. Girls, if you want to save your life, character, stay away from him.

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