The Work Profile of this position is dynamic, posing opportunities for experience in every sphere at the Law Firm and growth opportunities over the years.

The Law Firm is looking for a candidate possessing not only Legal Acumen but also Managerial and Leadership qualities where the candidate provides promise towards being equipped and prepared enough to lead an entire team readily after joining. The Firm seeks a candidate with entrepreneurial passion and zeal.

The Law Firm seeks a candidate possessing adequate talent, confidence and experience towards handling Client Meetings, delivering Presentations, leading teams and delivering projects.

The Position requires the candidate to indulge in non-legal work as well towards client communication, drafting agendas, presentations, arranging meetings, attending conferences, etc.

The work profile for the present opening at hand is not a litigation oriented one and based around a corporate style work profile with a high-degree of front-end work as well involving client handling and exposure.


 Drafting TM, Copyright, Patent Applications, Legal Notices & Rejoinders;

 Handling IPR Enforcement work with various administrative authorities and quasi-judicial authorities;

 Organizing/Managing Legal Workshops, Conferences and Meets on behalf of the Firm;

 Handling communication and correspondence with the Clients (E-mail and Personal); Meetings with Clients; Attending Conferences and Seminars on behalf of the Firm;

 Partnering and Liasoning with Associations and Organizations, Hosting of Events, Networking, Speaking Opportunities, Sponsorships, etc.;

 Legal Research and Analysis on Laws, Legal Developments, Legal Propositions, etc.;

 Leading Projects on Legal Advice and Assistance to Startups and delivering such projects to the client;

 Legal Research, Drafting, Regulatory Compliances for legal solutions to Startups provided by the Firm;

 Supervising, Analyzing and Managing the work of Interns at the Firm and taking work from interns for delivering the above projects;

 Preparing Presentations on Legal Issues and Laws, Legal Compliances for StartUps;

 Preparing and Compiling Brochures & Agendas for Client Meetings;

 Managing a Startup providing Legal Services;

 Writing Articles on Legal Issues, Legal Developments, Laws etc. (Devoid of Plagiarism) (Primarily on IPR Laws and Issues), Updating and Managing the Law Firm’s Website, Legal Blog etc.


 The Candidate shall either be a Law Degree Holder or be currently pursuing his/her Final Semester in a Law Degree Course (5 Year Course, 3 Year Course).

 The candidate shall excel at Legal Research and Communication and should be well acquainted with Intellectual Property Laws and procedure.

 Should be co-operative, willing to work in a diverse workspace with good understanding with colleagues.


[the position has now be closed] 


3,60,000/- to 4,80,000/- INR per annum (Tax Deduction as Applicable)

NOTE: It is requested that the candidate must go through the Work Profile in detail.

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  1. Haha, its amazing to see what a mistreated(?) and pissed off employee can do to the reputation of a law firm in this age of internet!
    Support this practice as it definitely helps in putting things into perspective.
    The general mid-sized law firm schedule needs a reality check. Paying shitty sums and expecting the life out of you is no happy deal. This whole thoughtless practice is disregarding and therefore insincere.
    Good job Lawctopus! Yet another terrific use of your platform.

  2. The work is research and hands on work, including research, drafting and making presentations. The work culture is formal. The firm timings are flexible but usually are from 9:30 to 6:30. The working hours, firm culture, exposure and quality of work, make it a decent place to work.

    • Are you dictating the only ‘senior associate’ you have to write this for damage control? SHAM. The interns are made to sit in the basement, next to a pile of old files. The partners are sexist and condescending and treat all employees like slaves. You are called for work on Sundays too, unofficially. Walk in to the office at any point of the day, the dress code will be suggestive enough of the “professionalism”! SHAM.

  3. The firm is a decent sized IPR firm. It has a team of more than 50 advocates and separate teams for Trademarks, Patents and Litigation. The work given was decent and the learning involved was vast including research to giving presentations and appearing before the courts. The weekends are working.
    The work environment is professional and very formal. The associates are professional, cordial and adjusting.
    For a fresher, it will give you a diverse experience in the world of Intellectual Property.

  4. The reporting time was 10:30 am. I was asked to wait for the associates. The associate then introduced me to the trademarks team. The work allotted was interesting and diverse in nature including extensive research and practical ground level work as well. Main tasks include research work and drafting of various Trademark documents. The only inconvenience is the metro connectivity, as the nearest metro station is KalkaJi which is on violet line.

    The associates explained each and every proposition in detail. Good work is taken note of and appreciated on the other certain mistakes if present are pointed out to be rectified in future.
    The work environment is chilled out and the people in the office are really professional and friendly at the same time.Great Place to learn Work.

  5. I was assigned a desk among the associates immediately after reaching the office and was later on taken to meet all the associates, senior associates and partners. I got a first hand learning experience on the working of an Intellectual Property Firm, work involved extensive research including case laws, drafting cease and desist notices, replies and TM applications, replies and rectification/ cancellation applications. I would love to work in the firm but I am currently in my fourth year…I would strongly suggest to apply for the same!!!

    • Really? Coz the associates are seated in such a ghetto like room, their knees bump into each other when they try to rotate their chairs !

  6. Its a family run sham! No scope of growth or learning. Only opt for the job if you have zero dignity. Unprofessional and extremely haphazardly organized office. They won’t give you a leave even if you’re down with dengue! And be set to take a few blows on your esteem if you’re a woman, sexist partners. The firm is managed by the third generation of the family and mostly by an unqualified law undergraduate!!! Having worked here, and quit, my only advice is.. DO NOT JOIN.

  7. After reading the Scope of Work and Qualifications and Skills required ..

    “The Candidate shall either be a Law Degree Holder or be currently pursuing his/her Final Semester in a Law Degree Course (5 Year Course, 3 Year Course).”

    ” The candidate shall excel at Legal Research and Communication and should be well acquainted with Intellectual Property Laws and procedure.”

    I feel if a Law Student or a Young Advocate is well versed with the work mentioned in the “Scope of Work” .. he/she prefer to open his/her own office in Metros. Such talented people may not join any Law Firm.

    For a fresher it is not possible to do all the works mentioned in “scope of work.” It takes nearly 10 years of hardwork to have basic knowledge about the scope of work. Professionals having the knowledge relating to IPR are very less in our country because of lack of Tribunals or related Courts in each and every district. Freshers may be disappointed once they joined.

  8. Please do not apply for this position. In my experience its one of the most hostile and unprofessional work places. The employers are exploitative and extremely intrusive in their ways of delegating work. You shall be given no credit for your work, most of the times you shall be bossed by unqualified people who happen to be a part of the family who runs the “law-firm”. Horrible place to work!

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