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About Nyaaya

Nyaaya’s mission is to demystify India’s laws, as they relate to her citizens.

We’re building India’s first free online platform for every central and state law.

Explained in simple language.

There is a fundamental contradiction at the heart of our democracy. On the one hand, ‘rule of law’ is supreme, everyone has to obey the law, and ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse’.

On the other hand, laws are complex, difficult to access and impossible to fully understand.

Especially in India, barriers of language, education and technological reach add to the problem of lack of legal awareness.

There may be laws that exist which can help to improve the lived realities of vulnerable sections of society, but the lack of awareness of laws makes this very difficult to achieve.

Lack of awareness also feeds into lack of implementation. When communities are unaware of their legal rights and entitlements, it makes it easier for the state to ignore its obligations and duties.

We believe, that informed communities, who know how the law works for them are better placed to engage with the state and safeguard their rights.

This is where Nyaaya seeks to add value.

Nyaaya is attempting interventions of two kinds – one to increase accessibility to the text of the laws and the second is enhance understanding of these laws.

  1. We embrace the ‘open data’ approach to capturing and publishing laws by using global legislation mark-up tools. With the help of open-source tools, we work with various volunteers to convert laws into machine readable formats.
  2. The language of the law is arcane and jargon-filled making easy understanding all the more difficult to non-expert citizens. Terms like ‘prima facie’, ‘proviso’, ’notwithstanding’ etc. can only be understood by lawyers. How, then, does one expect citizens to be aware of ones rights and duties? Understanding the law is difficult, which is why there is a whole profession dedicated to it.

The solution is to not just document the law and make it accessible, it is also crucial to explain the law in a way which makes it as simple and accessible as possible. We’re constantly exploring different formats to explain laws.

Like our web-app which tells you how much you should pay as a traffic fine. While most of our content is presently in English, we are working on expanding content in Hindi and then other regional languages very soon. We hope that this will unlock legal awareness for a much wider audience in India.

Our focus for the rest of the year is on developing laws relevant at a local level and on content in Hindi.

The Role

The Content Lead will be responsible for sourcing and quality-control of the legal content (laws and explainers) on the website.

Her primary task will be to manage systems to ensure fast-paced content development with the help of screened volunteers, while ensuring quality and accuracy of the final content.

For this role, we’re looking for a person with:

  • A minimum of a graduate degree in law + three years of work experience.
  • A demonstrable interest in new legal ventures, particularly with respect to citizen engagement.
  • Fluency (particularly, in writing) in any Indian language will be considered a plus.
  • Previous experience with any CRM software will be considered a plus.

Remuneration for this role will be commensurate with experience and with comparable organisations.

This call is for a full-time role located in Bangalore.

What does the role involve?
  • Identifying priority topics and questions for content development.
  • Developing the initial format and structure for various kinds of explainers and guides.
  • Connecting with a size-able number of volunteers and interns involved in publishing laws and explainers.
  • Reviewing contributions from volunteers and interns in terms of accuracy and plain language guidelines.
  • Organize and maintain logs of laws being published on the website. State laws will be a priority this year.
  • Sourcing texts of the laws from various resources, including government departments and other NGOs.
Why apply?

This role is for you if you:

  • Think it’s exciting to work in a small, dynamic team with equal importance given to law, technology and design.
  • Don’t mind getting your hands dirty
  • Want to help shape the direction Nyaaya will take for years to come!
How to Apply

To apply please write in to contact[at] with:

  • A copy of your updated resumé.
  • A writing sample (published or unpublished) of not more than 1000 words on any subject related to law or public policy.
  • A brief (500 words) statement of motivation.
  • Optional: If you are fluent in an Indian language and have indicated this in your application, please also submit a writing sample (published or unpublished) of not more than 1000 words in that language, on any subject related to law or public policy.

The email should have the subject line “Application for Content Lead”.

Application Deadline

14th July, 2017

For further details, click HERE.

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