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JGLS upgrad LLM curriculum

The scope for legal professionals is vast, irrespective of the country that they aspire to practice in. Simply completing a law degree is not enough to fulfil your objective if you want to aim for the sky. You must acquire the right training in a specific field of your choice as well. Why not opt for an LL.M program in Corporate & Financial Law that happens to be offered by the top law school in India – Jindal Global Law School (JGLS)? 

Jindal Global Law School’s LL.M. in Corporate & Financial Law – The need of the hour

There has never been a better time than now to focus on the economic wellbeing of your country. You certainly need to be abreast of the financial environment while being adept of the pros and cons of surviving in the corporate arena. You are in luck here since Jindal Global Law School, India’s #1 law school** has come forth with an outstanding LL.M program that concentrates specifically on Corporate & Financial Law

This program is powered by upGrad, India’s largest online higher education company and is delivered in a blended learning format. The program is specially designed for law graduates and working professionals to upskill themselves in this field without disturbing their personal or professional life.

** as per the QS World University Rankings 2021.

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Cutting Edge Curriculum for the Next-Gen Law Professionals

The key highlight of this LL.M. program is the cutting-edge curriculum designed by renowned JGLS faculty, industry experts and regulators. The first few lessons will help you to learn more about Company Laws as well as the responsibilities of a Director, Promoter, and delve into the concepts of Insider trading and take over codeThe program also deals with Comparative law which covers the white collar crimes. corporate scams, corporate criminal liability etc.

First Semester

A Practitioner’s Approach to Competition Law in India: Learn about the Competition Act of 2002 and apply the regulations in today’s scenario. This course provides an introduction to competition law in India. The course further analyses the theoretical underpinnings of competition/antitrust law globally, and the objective of a competition regime in a developing economy like India. 

Legal Research Methodology: Sure, you know the law, but do you know how to conduct effective research? This course aims to provide students with a fundamental understanding of these methodologies and reasoning. 

Comparative Public Law: Feel free to end the semester with a bang by studying the nuances of comparative public law. This course has a different context, which emphasizes upon how the foregoing conventional contents take shape and operate in “corporate law and governance”. Master the regulations and norms required to beat the offenders and understand how you can uncover scams and hold the right company or individual liable as and when required. 

Advanced Company Law and Law & Justice in the Globalising World are other 2 important courses taught during  this semester.

Second Semester

Mergers, Acquisitions and Private Equity: This course aims to provide students with a basic grounding in the procedure and practices adopted in mergers and acquisitions. The course seeks to apply the basic understanding of the Companies Act, 2013 in M&A deals.

Commercial Contract Drafting aims at providing a nuanced understanding of contract law, through the exploration of essential principles of contract drafting.

Banking and Financial Law: In this course, you will learn about different types of credit providers, as well as the legal framework for their activities. You will also be introduced to the different types of financing arrangements from a commercial and legal standpoint.

Corporate Insolvency Law: The following month will have you learning about the insolvency laws and addressing the challenges of a backlogged and clogged debt resolution system created for efficient allocation of capital in the economy. This course has its main focus on the roles, responsibilities of the stakeholders that are involved in the corporate insolvency process under the IBC (with amendments). 

Key Takeaways – From the Course

  • Realistic analyses of legal statutes and cases that will help you obtain business opportunities and make the right legal decisions.
  • Perfect understanding of the corporate environment vis-à-vis legal matters.
  • Ability to draft commercial contracts after analysis and interpretation of facts.
  • Discovering the facts required for mergers & acquisitions and it’s practical application.
  • Checking International regulations and investment opportunities in comparison to Indian investment rules and formulate strategies.
  • Drawing up of legal documents for a corporate transaction.
  • Practising law successfully along with and in front of top specialized regulatory bodies.

Dissertation, Cases and Industry Based Examples

Your program is not complete unless you submit a Dissertation. You will be able to discuss your points with the appointed supervisor and thrash out the key points of the topic. 

The program would also be heavily industry focused. The faculty and industry experts would be driving the concepts and theory through industry-based examples and cases. This will help the learners understand and implement the concepts in a corporate environment.

JGLS vis-à-vis other universities

The JGLS program has been powered by upGrad, to bring you the best of the industry and academia. This first-of-its-kind LL.M. program provides cutting-edge curriculum, making it the #1 choice for legal professionals, but it is not sacrosanct. You are free to compare its facilities and course content with other similar programs offered by top universities across India.

Check the curriculum of other universities in order to understand what you are going to get by enrolling in this course. You will return to JGLS and enrol for its perfectly designed, career-oriented LL.M course. And that’s a promise! 


The wonderfully crafted 1-year program of LL.M. in Corporate & Financial Law has been established as a stepping stone for law students who aspire to make a difference.  

     Apply to the LL.M. in Corporate & Financial Law Program (Blended Learning Program)

Last date to apply 2nd Sep 2020.

(Admissions closing soon)

Note: This is a sponsored post.


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