A New Revolution in Higher Education for Legal Professionals: JGLS’ LL.M. in Corporate and Financial Law (Blended Learning Program)

JGLS upgrad LLM blended learning
This article is authored by Ms. Pearl Singporewalla, Director – New Programs, upGrad. 

Covid-19 has taken digital advancements to the next level, especially in the field of education. With schools and universities shut indefinitely, online classes seem to be the only possible study mode. Students and professionals applying for colleges and higher education degrees have to wait until the situation gets better.

This has caused uncertainty among people, especially the freshers. Since the world economy has slowed down, job opportunities have also reduced, and those who wish to pursue masters are confused.

It is in this context, that Jindal Global Law School (JGLS), India’s no. 1 law school**,  has launched the first-of-its-kind program in India – LL.M. in Corporate and Financial Law (Blended Learning Program). This program is enabled by upGrad, India’s largest online higher education company, to provide quality online learning to students and working professionals at these times of distress.

**Source: as per the QS World University Rankings 2021

JGLS upgrad LLM blended learning

LL.M. in Corporate and Financial Law (Blended Learning Program)

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Since the program will be taught online, it allows professionals to pursue LL.M. degrees at their own pace without interfering with their work. It also allows them to strike a balance between their work and higher education.

This online mode & blended learning LL.M. program can be pursued by litigators, corporate law professionals, in-house counsels, researchers, and fresh law graduates.

This online mode & blended learning LL.M. program can be pursued by litigators, corporate law professionals, in-house counsels, researchers, and fresh law graduates.

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Blended Learning Programs vs. Residential Programs

JGLS upgrad LLM blended learning

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Ever since the pandemic, the need for technological and digital services has increased tremendously. Online learning has become the new norm of education that is likely to continue in the upcoming years. In many ways, online learning has proved to be more beneficial than residential programs.

1. No need to be physically present: The first and the most important benefit of online learning is that you don’t have to appear in person. Even if you are unable to physically attend a college or university due to health constraints or any other reasons, you will still be able to learn online within your home’s comfort.

Online learning has helped learners in the time of pandemic when physical distance is important. Therefore, due to the current scenario, online learning has the upper hand compared to residential programs.

2. Accessible and Affordable- By offering online learning facilities both JGLS and upGrad have made higher education accessible and affordable for students and professionals. Learners who cannot afford full-time residential courses at colleges or universities can receive quality learning and a world-class LL.M. degree from one of India’s best law schools.

3. Learning Flexibility to Working Professionals- Full-time residential programs make it difficult for professionals to manage their work-life alongside studies. Online programs are a boon in this case. Legal professionals who cannot attend physical lectures due to their busy work schedules can learn and pursue a higher degree from the world’s best universities. They can learn online while managing their professional work at the same time.

4. Blended Learning – While online classes have several benefits, the importance of physical classroom learning cannot be entirely negated. Therefore, to keep a balance between online learning and physical classroom sessions, JGLS facilitates online LL.M. classes with blended learning features. Along with the regular video recorded sessions, we also have some live sessions, which form an integral part of the program. These sessions would provide learners with classroom experiences.

The live sessions would act as a medium of interaction with our renowned faculty members, industry mentors and fellow learners. In addition, these sessions would also help for doubt clearing and thus ensure that learners do not miss out on the benefits of offline classroom learning.

Our Blended Learning Program vs. Any Residential Program in India Or Abroad

An LL.M. degree from a world-class university holds immense value for a legal professional. However, there are plenty of freshers and professionals who wish to pursue higher studies in law abroad or even in India but cannot do so. Full-time residential programs in Indian, as well as foreign universities, are not only expensive but also require a full-time commitment.

The fee structure for LL.M. residential programs in Indian as well as foreign universities is high as compared to that of online courses or distance learning programs. When travel has already been restricted at the time of the pandemic, it has become all the more difficult to pursue an LL.M. degree from foreign universities. The online mode and blended learning LL.M. program offered by the Jindal Global Law School, enabled by upGrad, solves all the above-mentioned dilemmas.

Further there are many other reasons why you should prefer our LL.M. degree from Jindal Global Law School over other programs.

LL.M. Degree from a World Class University

At the end of this program, you will receive an LL.M. degree from Jindal Global Law School, to boost your career. You will also receive triple alumnus status of O.P. Jindal Global University, Jindal Global Law School, and upGrad. The best part of this program is that you do not have to reside in a foreign country and bear those expenses, while pursuing your LL.M.

Career Opportunities

In addition to quality learning, Jindal Global Law School also offers a strong alumni network and industry presence. Learners can leverage this network to get ahead in their respective careers.

Along with this, upGrad also offers career support and assistance to all its learners. It provides help with resume building, mock interviews, internships, job opportunities etc. The 360-degree career guidance provided to the learners prepares them to take up the roles at law firms and inhouse teams.

Industry Mentorship

Another reason you should prefer this LL.M. program offered by Jindal Global Law School is the mentorship offered by JGLS to all its learners. The program will be taught by industry experts and experienced faculty that will also mentor the learners at all stages of the program by giving them professional and academic tips and guidance.’

Our Blending Learning Program vs.  Other Online / Distance Programs

JGLS upgrad LLM blended learning

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Our Quality Content: There are plenty of distance education courses and online certificate courses offered by universities and other institutions. However, the online mode and blended learning LL.M. program by Jindal Global Law School offers more quality learning. The majority of distance education courses offer recorded sessions and modules for learning with two-three doubt clearing sessions. Similar content you can easily find on any online streaming channels.

Whereas the content and video provided by our LL.M. program is highly interactive and state-of-the-art content specially designed by renowned faculty, industry practitioners and regulators. Our cutting-edge curriculum along with the industry-based examples is specifically designed for legal professionals of tomorrow.

Live Sessions and Classroom Experiences: As mentioned earlier this program also provides blended learning to bridge the gap between online learning and physical classroom sessions. The LL.M. program will include live online classes and classroom experiences.

Networking Opportunities: Another benefit of pursuing our LL.M. program is the base camps at upGrad that offer learners networking opportunities. You can connect with fellow learners, future colleagues, industry experts, and future employers. This is not offered by other distance education courses or online certificate courses.

upGrad Advantage – State of the Art Online Digital Platform

upGrad is the leading ed-tech platform in India. The company has been awarded the title of ‘Best Tech for Education’ by IAMAI in 2019. upGrad received the ‘Best Education Brands’ award by Economic Times in 2018. It has made higher education through online mode and blending learning, both accessible and affordable for professionals and students.

Interactive Platform: Its world class online platform consists of high-end videos, interactive quizzes, cases, assignments etc.

The online discussion forums and other networking groups give the learners opportunities to interact with their peers, faculty, industry mentors.


The LL.M. program in corporate and financial law offered by the Jindal Global Law School, powered by upGrad offers two main advantages to the legal professionals. First, the program will be delivered completely in an online mode & blended learning format to meet the present-day needs of the Covid-19 when it is impossible to physically attend colleges and universities. Second, blended learning which comprises live sessions, classroom experiences etc. bridges the gap between online learning and physical classroom experiences.

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Last date to apply: 23rd Aug

(Admissions closing soon!)


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  1. What is the issue with going to academic with this degree ? Aren’t the learner eligible for it?

  2. Is the online LLM by upGrad and JGLS recognised by BCI as full fledged LLM?

    1. Update from Upgrad Team:

      This LL.M. program is primarily focused for the learners who want to grow in the field of corporate and financial law at law firms, in-house legal roles, litigation, government policy roles, starting their own firms. This program is not for learners who want to do a PhD, give UGC Net and get into academia.

      BCI looks into undergraduate programs. UGC is the body which looks after the masters program. This Jindal Global Law School’s LL.M. in Corporate & Financial Law through Online Mode and Blended Learning is as per the UGC guidelines. The learners would receive a proper LL.M. degree from Jindal Global Law School, post successful completion of the course

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