Philip C Jessup Moot & NLU Delhi’s Prize Winning Oralists: Why They Won? And Who Scared Them?


Philip C Jessup Moot Court: Winning Strategies and Tips

Interview By Vishwam Jindal (Published on 25 January 2011)

NLU Delhi has created history by being the youngest college ever to participate in the world finals of Jessups International Moot Court Competition. Here is an exclusive interview with Shreya Rastogi and Akshay BD (the oralists):

Q. Any Comments on this year’s Jessup’s Moot problem?

The moot problem is really interesting. It concerns a dispute over many areas ranging from drone attacks to anti corruption law to ban on garments worn by tribals. Such assortment of the areas covered truly makes it a world class Moot Problem.

Q. Were you ever scared that you would lose a round?

Yes to be honest. We were really scared in the preliminary round against IIT Kharagpur where the judge grilled us on complex questions on the moot problem. Then in the finals, the team from NUJS was fabulous which in turn not only scared us but also shook our confidence.

Q. How was the preparation of the other teams?

All teams were really well-prepared. We think one can expect this in Jessups which people also call as the World Cup of Mooting. Team from NUJS Kolkata (as we mentioned earlier) & IIT Kharagpur were remarkable. We heard that NLU Jodhpur was also great though we didn’t go up against them.

Q. Any special preparation plans for the world finals?

Yes, we have sidelined few areas where we need to work on in order to excel in the World rounds. We’ve heard that mooting internationally is very different from the one that we do here in India. For instance, one has to be very particular about one’s time management.

Moreover, the arguments are generally in a conversational style. We shall be working on them.

Q. Any lessons learnt that you would like to share with your mooting fraternity?

RESEARCH LEVEL: We think channelizing your research in the right direction is very important. One should look at the intent behind the problem and the objective of arguing the same. Then accordingly should the arguments be framed.

ORAL ROUNDS : The oral pleadings should be simple and concise. One need not argue all contentions stated in the memorials. Argue your best points and ensure that they are structured.

Most importantly, there is no substitute to HARD WORK.

Q. Any message to the Law student community at large?

(Smiling and Blushing)

We think there are many areas of Law that haven’t been explored. One needs to explore the new and upcoming areas of Law. Most importantly, you should find yourself there, if you don’t see yourself in the position which you are aiming for, no point!

Read more about the Philip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition here.

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  1. What do you mean by the youngest college ever to participate in Jessup Internationals? Seems a completely incorrect statement


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