Internship Experience @ Jaypee Associates, Bangalore: Treated me as one of their own



Duration of internship

07/01/2016 to 07/02/2016


Jaypee Associates is a Law Firm in Malleshwaram. It is run by a Mr. and Mrs. Jaiprakash Rao. There are about 15 to 20 advocates in the Law firm, or that is what I have noticed.

The Office has about 3 Assistants who serve the coffee, get books and do all your odd jobs. The firm is a collection of not many people but however, there is so much more than that to not just the workings of the office but also to the infrastructure.


So here goes the address of the law firm:

#38, ‘Krishna’, 1st Cross, Malleshwaram, Bangalore – 560003

How to Apply?

To be honest, I got into the firm through reference.

However, you can apply for internship at any point in the year to the following email-id/s: and

I am not very sure if their reply is prompt.

However, the best way to ensure that you get into the firm is if you go directly to the firm with a copy of your resume and ask for Mr. Jaiprakash Rao. If he is not in the office or if he is busy, you can always ask to talk to Advocate Veena Rao who is none other than his wife.

Once your meeting is fixed, make sure you confidently state that you would love to intern at their firm for a period of whatsoever. Rest pretty much assured that you will get the internship.

When I went to the firm, I met Mrs. Veena Rao. Since Mr. Jaiprakash was busy, I was told that I would meet him when my internship started.

I was pretty nervous that my internship was to start on 07/01/2016 and I hadn’t yet had a conversation with Mr. Jaiprakash, especially since he was the one who was to guide me during my internship.

So I went to the office a day before my internship commenced and I met Mr. Jaypee to confirm my internship and get information on the timings, etc.

Neither had I received a confirmation mail nor had I ever met him. So I was a little surprised that he recognized me and that he was expecting me.

The conversation that I had with him on 06/01/2016 was one of the most meaningful talks I had ever had. He told me that he was not going to place any restrictions on me.

I could walk in and out of the office as I pleased (Not that I would take advantage of that). He told me that when I walked in the firm, it is my firm and it was a democratic atmosphere that prevailed. He also advised me that a person learns best when he listens to others, not merely when one reads or studies various subjects.


I had reached the Office by 10 A.M on the day of my internship. I immediately met Mr. Jaiprakash who assigned me work and showed me to my table. Before the commencement of everyday, he called me into his office and discussed about all that I had learnt the previous day.

Once I was done with the work given to me, all I had to do was approach him and tell him that I was done. I would immediately get more.

I never wasted a single second in the entire duration of the internship. I was exposed to a lot of Plaints and I was asked to give critical analysis of several cases.

Usually when you intern at a law firm, you just end up researching and submitting a lot of case laws to the person who had assigned you your work. However, my internship at Jaypee Associates was truly enlightening. The only party to receive benefit out of this internship was me.

I was the only intern at the Law firm. But I never felt alone at any point of time that I was there. The advocates themselves took the initiative of coming and introducing themselves. I was really made to feel at home.

If ever you need career advice, Mr. Jaiprakash would be the right person to guide you.


The Law firm is located in Malleshwaram and well, the Mantri Mall is just a minute away. It is located in one of the most happening places in Bangalore. You can find all kinds of eateries in the area. You want to shop? Voila! You are in the right place!

Since I’m a Bangalorean myself, I didn’t need to take accommodation near the firm. I travelled daily to work as I had a two-wheeler. However, if you do need to find an accommodation close to the firm, it would be pretty easy.


Though there were not many people in the firm, the Office is gigantic. On the ground floor is an elegant reception followed by 3 to 4 cabins. On the second floor exists a huge lunchroom and another cabin where the advocates work.

There is also a lot of space outside the Cabin where a few other advocates sit and it is the place where the clients are attended to. I have never really gone beyond the 2nd floor but there is a 3rd floor to the office as well. The Office is also connected to Mr. Jaypee’s house.


Like I said, I was allowed to walk in and out of the Office as I pleased. However, being an idealistic person, I maintained decorum.

I used to start work at 10 A.M. in the morning and leave by 6 P.M. in the evening but that wasn’t before submitting an oral report to Mr. Jaiprakash on what I had done that day. Interns are expected to work on Saturday’s. And yes, the second Saturday’s as well.

Lessons Learnt

I learnt some of the most important lessons in a very short span. No matter how much you progress in life and no matter what heights you reach, you should always be humble.

Other than that, I got exposed to a lot of Plaints. I learnt the basics of the Court proceedings. I really laid a strong foundation for myself at this internship. The people at Jaypee Associates treated me as one of their own, never as an outsider.

Any bad things?

As astonishing as it may sound, there was nothing bad about the internship. If anyone wants to really learn something and not do an internship for a certificate alone, then Jaypee Associates would be the right place for you.

Interning at Jaypee Associates will make you feel like you have actually done justice to that duration of the internship. So don’t think, just apply!!

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