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Internship Experience @ Jani and Co, Ahmedabad, Gujarat: Good Mentorship, ‘The Usual’ Work

By: Palak Pathak | April 7, 2016


Name of the Firm, City

Jani and Co., Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

Duration of the Internship

29th May to 27th June, 2015

How big was the office? Team strength? 

The office is pretty big having 3 floors in it. There are around 13-14 associates and 5 people in the staff.

Application procedure

I mailed my CV to [email protected] and got the reply within minutes! Smooth


I stayed in a PG in Bodakdev. It was okay if you want to stay just for a month. Meals were included. There are plenty of PGs near S G Road which are nearby.

Duration in weeks; Working Days; Timings

It is 5 days a week. Officially timing is 10 am- 5 pm. However you can leave early if done with your work otherwise the timing can stretch even upto 7-8 pm!

First impression; first day formalities, etc.

There were no major formalities. When I reached the office, Sir had already left for Consumer Court. I met some office guy who then confirmed with Sir and gave me Case files. Other associates turned up a bit later.

Since there were other co-interns also so the first day went nicely. Paresh Sir came in the evening and interacted with me. He also asked about my area of interest and assigned me some other work too.

Main tasks

My main task was research and to observe court proceedings. Topics varied from Lease and License, Deeds related to immoveable property, CPC, Cr.PC to Customs Act, NDPS Act.

I went to Courts, mostly with Sir and sometimes with other associates. My work also included preparing case notes, finding relevant case laws. Sometimes, the documents are in Gujarati so it is good if you can read Gujarati language.

Once, I even took next date for Mediation proceedings. Mostly I went through the case files by myself. I would advise to seek out the work by yourself and don’t be afraid to ask Sir for anything.

Work Environment, people

Work environment is very informal and encouraging. All the people including Paresh Sir are very chill, knowledgeable, always ready to help and most importantly approachable.


No Stipend

The Best Things

The work environment is very friendly, the associates were very helpful and were always ready to clear our queries.

Paresh Jani Sir is a really. and always looks out for his juniors. I was always a part of the team. Group meetings before leaving the office.

The Bad Things

Very few really.

Sometimes I used to get bored when I was not given any work.

What did you do to chill?

Since the office is just adjacent to Iskcon mall, there were a lot of places to chill out. Just in the front of the office building, Crossword is there. What else is needed then.

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