Jaipuria Institute of Management’s Lucknow Youth Parliament 2017 [Aug 11 – 13, Win Exciting Prizes, Lucknow]: Registrations Open


11th – 13th August, 2017




Lucknow Youth Parliament is providing an opportunity to involve young minds in problem solving and decision making processes which has proved a very fruitful undertaking in the events which has been organised all across India over the years. It takes great deal of effort and determination to convert an idea into most cherished reality. The venture aims at teaching youth democracy, equip them with debating skills and stimulate them to present their own thoughts and listen to that of others, Magis takes immense pleasure in bringing this concept to the City Of Nawabs which has been the house of some great Leaders Indian has ever witnessed. It is often said that widespread apathy exists among younger generation towards political participation and parliamentary democracy, and therefore we choose issues and agendas of contemporary relevance so as to let youth make decisions that affect their future and the future of their country. We believe that there is a way for young people to learn by doing and that is by taking part in Youth Parliament and thus we subscribe to making youth a more active citizen either inside or outside formal politics.

We at Lucknow Youth Parliament aim to construct an ideal scenario of what the Parliament should be giving the present Youth a clear picture that what the Nation needs and what is it actually getting, and to make them realise that they being the Citizens of this country have to understand their responsibility and take charge of the Nation’s Politics.


Lucknow Youth Parliament is coming up with three committees i.e Lok Sabah, National Security Council and All India Muslim Organization Meet.

Committes with their respective agendas and matrix are:

Lok Sabha

Agenda: Review of Citizenship laws, with special emphasis on immigration from South Asian Nations.


Agenda: Review of Muslim Personal Laws.


Agenda: Deliberation on current border situations with special emphasis on China and Pakistan

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