Internship Experience @ Jagriti Legal Associates, Lucknow: Work on Consumer Disputes Related Cases


Shivam Tiwari, (hons.) Second Year, Dr. Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University, Lucknow

About office and the team strength

Jagriti Legal Associates, Lucknow

Address: YMC Building, near Sahara Ganj, Lucknow, U.P.

Above mentioned Law firm is a registered middle tier law firm situated in Lucknow and is headed by Adv. Sharad Kumar Shukla.

The office was fully furnished and equipped with required technology such as free access to laptops and wifi. There were two assistant paralegals namely Adv. Vikramaditya and Adv. Pankaj Misra.

However I worked under both the paralegals as they directed and instructed what and when to do tomorrow. I also interacted and worked with Sharad sir on a regular basis.

My this internship was based on procedure of consumer forums and consumer litigation ethics.

Application procedure and internship details

I got to know about this internship program form my college’s Internship & Placement Committee. Then I submitted my CV in the committee and I was among for students who were shortlisted for this law firm.

At the last day of semester exam I was my given my internship brochure which I deposited to the owner of law firm (Adv, Sharad Kumar Shukla) on very first day of internship.

Duration in weeks/ no. of days Timings

05/06/2015 – 08/07/2015

I interned for about 4 weeks. Timings were different due to different venues.

However we were not allowed to be as much as late by 20 minutes because in law firm and SCDRC proceedings used to get started early at 10:00 o’clock. So it became so challenging to reach everywhere on time.

First day, first show, first impression

On the first day, I remember, I was wearing my college dress and was ready to face him. I entered in his chamber/office of law firm and he said, “You all may have your seats”. He further asked about our internship brochure during internship.

Overall it seemed to be informal. There was a word “WORKAHOLIC” written in my CV which he noticed very quickly and the he gave a assignment on the Maggi dispute between NCDRC and Nestle India Pvt. Ltd.

Tasks during internship programme

I was suggested to make a assignment on the above mentioned Maggi dispute which was given on 05.06.2015 and finally accepted/submitted on 09.07.2015! Because it was rejected more than five times!

In that assignment I had to find the ground of appeal filed by the appellant against Nestle India in NCDRC (National Consumer Dispute Redressal commission)

Secondly, I was given a case to study filed in SCDRC (State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission), Lucknow.

I had to draft a reply in the favour of appellant and then reply to the complainant (Mudit Kumar).

Thirdly, I was told to to make a overview of Consumer Protection Act, 1986 after its reading and assessment.

I had to listened each and every case in the CJM(chief judicial magistrate) court.

Over all this internship was full of interesting, helpful, encouraging tasks. I used to visit the premise of SCRDC, LOWER COURTS and LABOUR COURT.

Best words: “Always remember, you are my interns not employees.

There is a difference between interns and employee while the former needs to finish the work, the latter needs to focus more on learning than finally doing the work.

These words by our Sharad sir really inspired me and encouraged to deliver my best always.

Last day

Our last was memorable and a day of presentation day as well.

I was to give my detailed presentation relating to all the given assignments till date. Better preformance could bring certificate in my hand as soon. I did everything my sir told me to do. So accordingly I performed and crossed the jinx of session.

I was quite happy as I had, my result of more than 30 day hard work, in my hands. I was also given lots of advice and general feedback on our last day.

Biggest lesson I learned

I wanted to do internship where I learn and not just get a certificate.

This internship was well beyond my expectations. Not only I was treated with utmost respect, but was given certain legal tasks which counted. At the end of my sharing my experience I would love to say that HARDWORK PAYS OFF.

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