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Online Internship Experience with &, Gurugram: Corporate and Commercial Law Research and Drafting Work, Due Diligence Work, Proof Reading


Name of the intern


Name of your college

Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University, Vishakapatnam, Andra Pradesh.

Name of the course and year of study


Name and address of the organization

J. Sagar Associates, Gurugram.

Office Address: Sandstone Crest, Opp. Park Plaza Hotel, Sushant Lok – 1 Sector 43 Gurugram, Haryana 122009 National Capital Region, India.

Duration of Internship

  • From: 01/05/2021
  • Till: 10/07/2021

 How did you apply for the Internship? 

I applied through their mail ID [email protected] which was mentioned on their website. One thing that I had to keep in mind while applying is that I had to mention the office and the time period that I wished to work within the subject of the mail.

A Formal cover letter and a CV had to be attached with the mail. Within ten days, I received an email from the HR of the Firm, who sent me a link to the Higher Knowledge Assignment Test. 10 days time period was given for minimum office assignments.

It was also mentioned that the more assignments an Applicant Makes, the more chances of getting selected. The Marks were allotted by some Attorneys working there. And then, I sent a follow-up mail stating that I had completed my tasks. The HR then accepted my Application.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

There were many virtual formalities. They created an ID for me on outlook, and they provided me with the password. As soon as I logged in, there were various forms present, Like the Non-Disclosure Agreement and Forms asking me about what timings were comfortable for me.

I was asked to submit a photograph and a Blank canceled Cheque along with the forms. First Impression was very Good since the HR mam was very cooperative and humbly replied to all my queries. As soon as I completed my formalities, I got my first Work.

Main tasks

Primarily it was under corporate and commercial Law, But I also got Work from various other Teams. The thing I liked the most was that if I didn’t get any work till 11 a.m, I should mail the HR, and then the HR would ask the other attorneys to allot me some work. They made sure that all the Inters weren’t left out without any work.

Main Tasks included Making Research Notes from various sources (Online Resources as well as by getting clarifications by calling the Department), Helping in Drafting compliance manuals, Assisting the attorneys in Due Diligence Work, Proof Reading, Drafting, Helping the Partners in summarizing new developments.

At the end of the Internship, I was asked to make a five-page PowerPoint presentation Listing and explaining the Work I had done so far and presenting it before the internship committee. (if they liked the Work, they will give us a call back) 

Work environment

The work environment was very good. The attorneys were very cooperative, and they could be approached at any time with any doubt. They Understood that we were interns and were patient in making us learn new things that we didn’t understand.

Good things

The Good thing was the stipend. The Mentors are very skilled. They provided me with many quality works. I learned from my seniors that when they interned there physically, they were provided with food vouchers, coupons ext and that they provide you with free cab service if you work over 9 p.m. 

Bad things

There was no Bad thing about J Sagar Associates internship. The only drawback for me is that my Internship was completely virtual. 


Rs.1,500 per week

Details about accommodation and commute

It was a virtual internship, so it was a work from Home experience. 

Anything else?

The Interns will have to have a track of what they are doing and when they are doing in order to make a Database of what Work they did for whom and during which time period. it has to be submitted to the HR Daily. 

Disclaimer: Internship Experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus' official views on the internship. We also do not edit internship experiences (except to ensure readability) to ensure that the intern's voice remains intact.

Disclaimer: Organisations should not influence interns to write internship experiences on Lawctopus. Neither should they make writing an internship experience on Lawctopus mandatory for the intern to get a certificate. Indulging in such practices will lead to the organization getting blacklisted from Lawctopus. In case of any such instance, interns are requested to inform at [email protected]


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