Internship Experience @ J Hudson Samuel & Partners, Bangalore: Good Work, Great Work Culture

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Name of the intern

Ariguzo Justina, SDM Law College, Mangalore, 3rd Year

Internship Duration

3 weeks (January 25th – 13th February 2016).

Organization Details

Name of the Organisation: J Hudson Samuel & Partners

Office Address: Sir Cariappa Wing, First Floor, Devatha Plaza, Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa Road,(Residency Road), Bangalore, India- 560025

Office phone number: +918022244125.


25th January 2016 – 13th February 2016.


The application procedure that I followed was a little different. My sister, who had interned there in 2013, helped me; she referred me to Mr Joshua. After which I was required to send an email to him with my CV and wait for the confirmation.

I sent my Internship mail to as he prefers that internship applications be sent to this email account.

The subject of my internship email was Internship Application: 21st January-20th February. In the body of my email, I gave a description of myself and what I hoped to gain from the internship, basically a cover letter.


I stayed in a PG, which was located in #14,6th Cross 1st Main Road, S R Nagar near U B City, RICHMOND CIRCLE, Bangalore -560027. I stayed on the third floor with my roommate who worked in Cooperation Bank of India. It takes five minutes by rickshaw and up to fifteen minutes by walk.

The environment and people there are friendly too and were mostly students, which will make you feel very comfortable; it felt like a hostel.

There I paid Rs. 4200 to stay for three weeks (Rs 200 per day). 9 am in the morning I take a rickshaw of Rs. 25/30 fare to the office.


The internship was a period of three weeks; it began on Monday 25th January 2016 and it ended on Friday the 12th of February, 2016. I was to report officially at 9.30 and could leave at any time from 6 pm. Mondays to Saturdays were the working days.

I was never reprimanded for coming in late. I got the chance to work on a variety of matters at my own pace.

The 6-day scheme was difficult to get used to as there was no time left to go out except for Sundays, which were taken up for rest. The timing was flexible.

There were rarely times where I was asked to stay back late although I stayed back on my own accord to finish pending work. In that way, the office environment was comfortable and relaxed.


The first day of my internship I reached JHSP Advocates office a bit early at 8.45 am since I didn’t know what time the interns were supposed to arrive at, I guess I came a little early.

I remember feeling quite intimidated on the first day. After all, this was JHSP, which had such a good reputation, and I expected nothing less than thorough corporate perfection.

Nobody spoke much and I was steeling myself for some cold lecturing about rules and restrictions. A man was cleaning and getting the place clean and ready for the day’s work.

But my fears were unwarranted. The receptionist was a sweet motherly lady who greeted me when she walked in and spent a good fifteen minutes greeting everyone and getting her table ready for that day’s work while I just sat there not knowing where to look.

After some time, co-workers started coming in and then came Mr. Santhosh (the partner in charge of trial court litigation), he was greeted by the lady.

Still nervous, I stood up to greet him, and he sat down at the table with me and informally interviewed me – about the subjects I have finished studying in college, the fields of law that I am interested in, etc, he then showed me to the cabin where I was to be seated.

My impression quickly went from awed to feeling humbled at the sight of the firm’s organization. In time, however, I was less nervous, and I began to feel more at home, mainly because everyone was quite friendly and there was no shortage of good work to be done. Then more introductions took place then after, I was given a case to study.

This was my first internship in my 3rd year and I had certain fixed set of expectations in mind. And I was the only one who was sitting in the waiting area. Mr. Joshua was not around and I was told to wait till he comes.

As soon as a man entered, I noticed everyone around the office were delighted to see him. I stood up as he passed by, I had no idea he was the one, Mr.Joshua, so I just greeted him, and continued with my work, during the break he called me to his office and after watching the way, everything was been placed, settled and done then I knew he was the one.

I was told about the general conduct of few office colleagues all of whom were very friendly and helpful. I met Mr. Christopher (the partner in charge of High Court matters and Arbitration) in Mr. Joshua’s office – he was very friendly and soon put me at ease.


The office was neat and a little posh one and was located on the first floor. At the entrance there is a waiting room with all four or three office chairs and a beautiful white table, we had a longer white table where we used to have our lunch.

Mr. Joshua’s cabin is big enough for 8 people to work in. There are about 20 people in this firm including 15 advocates.


The work environment was very favorable for my temperament. Everyone was civil, friendly and not at all rude.

Everyone, starting from the receptionist, the clerks and advocates, and even the Partners, was civil and not at all rude, Only once or twice a scene was created in the office and that was just because of the PA missing out on some important work.

Here’s where I found JHSP most interesting. One would think that for a top ranking firm, the work culture would be stuffy and full of bustling Advocates followed by hassled interns, but guess what, it is.

After a week, a new intern joined me, we disciplined one another and supervised each other works and kept on reminding one another to submit the work to the Sir on time.

If you sit in the room with him you are continuously monitored by him. So, no social media or torrents

The entire staff Mr Santosh, Mr Christopher, Dhiya, Violet, Reena but to mention a few are interesting, wonderful and sweet to talk to on professional or personal issues.

Also, almost every day we had some or the other high profile visit in the office. During those days, all the interns would shift to the Mr. Joshua’s office. This way we saw many such clients face to face and witnessed their laughter and tensions.

Mr. Joshua notices everything that we do and then he takes the trouble to discuss matters with us and explain any concept that we do not understand.

My initial days were spent doing a case study. But later as time went by, all of us started using the time for our own good. I started reading online articles on various legal subjects that interested me,  then I got to also know about this essay writing and then I started working on it.

At 1 pm, amazing homemade lunch would be served, My co-interns was warm, positive, understanding, and happen to be an African lady like myself and our friendship would definitely go a long way.


The firm has about 25 advocates – 15 advocates and 6 partners for each of the firm’s verticals.


The tasks assigned to the Interns were primarily research-based tasks. When one was given work; one was expected to do it with all seriousness and diligence.

They were a mostly issue based on research tasks although sometimes you would get fact-based research where the lawyer would give you the fact scenario.

The interns are given research work on different civil cases, I remember making a research on topics like; if bankers have a lien over property, about adoption and on the transfer of property act etc.

We were asked to create an agreement between an art agency and any artist hiring the agency, we also watched, learned and took note of arbitration cases, property deeds, visited the High Court of Karnataka, etc.

Sir, calls us all the time into his office to watch how certain cases are worked on, how Deeds and Agreement are created and processed.

We even had long interactions with a senior advocate in the firm regarding the firm’s practice area and a brief introduction to the same.

However, this was far from the real thing. Whatever the reason, I spent the first couple of days feeling that there just was enough work to go around with.

Soon enough, one of the Partners asked me to research on the laws and regulations relating to the Transfer of Property Act.

I was to write a research note on the subject, and this would be used to test my ability and the field/area I could get involved in.

After that, there was no looking back. Whenever I felt like working, I would simply go to the advocates and ask for work, and I was soon studying the some Acts/cases in that specific area, finding the latest judicial interpretations of terms and helping as well as watching the Advocates frame and substantiate their arguments.

Sometimes, the breadth of exposure was wide.


The firm has a very clear top-down structure with Mr. Joshua being the Principal Attorney/Managing Partner, then the other partners i.e. Mr. Manjunath for non-litigation Property matters, Mr. Santhosh for Civil court matters including the Debt Recovery Tribunal, Mr. Ramesh for Family law and property litigation, Mr. Christopher for High Court matters and arbitration, and Ms. Sarvamangala for Labour law matters, then there are the mid-level advocates with roughly 10 years of experience each – Mr. Thimmaiah for Consumer matters and service law matters, Mr. Niranjan for Civil court matters, Mr. Maruthi for Company matters and High Court, Ms. Reena for High Court and arbitration.

There are only two juniors – Srinivas under Mr. Santhosh and Dhiya under Mr. Joshua.


The best thing was when a fellow African lady joined me in the internship after a week and also probably a day that I won’t forget was that, for a week there, we were served vegetarian food, which I hardly get used  to, it’s one meal I could do without for years but when it’s lunch time I would intentionally refuse to eat saying “I am still full, I’ll eat later” giving them a mischievous smile, but one day I was giving a big full plate of chicken fried rice, when I was told I felt blessed and prayed in my heart that God will continue to bless them, I couldn’t wait for lunchtime, after having that wonderful food, I did the rest of my work in gladness and was willing to do anything that day, the atmosphere in the office was very conducive to understanding each other’s problem and helping one another.

Although we were not allotted much legal work but whatever we did, we always made it a success. It was the homely atmosphere that made me complete each task with excellence and interest. If not for the equality meted out there, would have never been able to sustain there.

What I liked best was the way everyone made us feel part of the organization also at the end of lunch one day we and few co-workers were discussing on African foods, clothes, language, etc and after much discussion, we were asked to make one special African meal and bring to the office for lunch, I was happy to cook that ,it made me feel loved.

Also after a few days when I received my internship certificate I got the best feeling in the world. Despite the fact that I had actually not worked too much, my certificate spoke glories of every effort that I had put into. This is one of the best things about sir.

All in all, JHSP was a very fruitful experience, as I got to do solid work, in very interesting areas, yet there wasn’t a single moment when I felt burdened or stressed out because of the pressure.

For someone interning at a firm for the first time, JHSP would be the perfect place to go simply because it encourages you, and makes you feel that being an Advocate is a desire, not just a profession.

There was no restriction on who can intern under him. It could be anyone from 1st year to 5th year.


On the downside, there were times when sir, had to scold as a result of not been diligent with the work given which its normal but there are no other bad things that I can think of.


In all, I did get to learn a lot from this Internship:

1) Understanding Contracts better- reading the fine print carefully and using logic to determine the viability of agreeing to the terms of the contract drafted by the other party,  eg, the deeds etc.

2) The Court Procedure-after few visit the Karnataka state High Court, I got an idea of how court procedure works.

3) Building personal relationships is as important as the quality of work that you do. J Hudson Samuel & Partners has a closely knit legal team that functions well due to the trusting nature of co-workers.




I can’t forget this internship because it was my first internship and I learnt a lot from it, JHSP FIRM is certainly an experience. I hope this internship experience has been informative and useful and may help future internship candidates make an informed choice.

This entry has been submitted for the LexisNexis-Lawctopus Internship Experience Writing Competition 2015-2016. iPleaders is the learning partner for this competition.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus' official views on the internship.

Disclaimer: We try to ensure that the information we post on Lawctopus is accurate. However, despite our best efforts, some of the content may contain errors. You can trust us, but please conduct your own checks too.
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  1. I too have interned at this place, not once, not twice but thrice. Interning here means you can simply learn so much in those weeks of your internship. I have been working for a year now, but I must say, I have still not forgotten those days of my internship. It’s a hub of learning with such beautiful experiences.

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