iversity’s Online Courses: (1) Pol. Philosophy (2) Governance & Policy Advice (3) Critical Thinking (4) Social Innvovation (5) Public Speaking

1. Political Philosophy: An Introduction

Are you interested in politics? Do you feel the need to have a clearer understanding of it, beyond the conventional language of media and social networks? Well, this course might provide the help and the stimulus you are looking for.

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2. Governance and Policy Advice: How Political Decisions Come to Life

What happens ‘behind the scenes’ of political decisions? Who advises politicians, and how big is their influence? Sign up and learn more about policy advice, political consulting and their impact on governance.

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3. Critical Thinking – Reason and Fair Play in Communication

A fun journey through the mechanism of reasoning and argumentation, illustrated by tons of documented experiments and interesting examples.

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4. Social Innovation MOOC (EN)

Social Innovations change the rules by which people live together. Learn what social innovations are and how they can be developed. Because the way we live, work and do business could actually be quite different!

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5. Public Speaking – Join the Talk & Spread the Word

Nowadays we all need to be speakers of words… but nobody taught us how! Together, let’s learn techniques, talk with experts and practice through personal experiences. Complete this course and join us in Barcelona for our First Elevator Pitch Contest.

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