7th National Independent Thought Legal Essay Competition 2018: Results Announced!

The results for the National Independent Thought Essay Competition are announced.


We take this opportunity to inform you all about the 7th National Independent Thought Legal Essay Competition, 2018.

Independent Thought organises an annual Essay Competition for Law and Human Rights students all over India.

The theme for this year is Independent Thought v. Union of India ‘Problem of child marriages and child bride trafficking in India: Exploring legal and institutional solutions in the best interest of children’ 

The essay is in the landmark judgement of Independent Thought v. Union of India. This judgement by the Supreme Court in 2017 issued this judgement recognising every girl’s right to bodily integrity and penalising rape within a child marriage. In this judgement, the highest court of India articulated for the first time the government’s constitutional and human rights obligation to address child marriage and respect the rights of married girls.

Essays are to be submitted by email to [email protected]

Last date for submission is Sep 30, 2018.

The official website is here.

All necessary details are below:


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