Is Coaching for Civil Services Important? Also Judicial Services v. Civils WRT ‘Nation Buidling’

The below questions were asked from Arvind Vijayan on his Career Advice Page here.

1. I want to become an IAS officer. Can you suggest me what sort of internships, co-curricular, extra-curricular activities I should do which will help me.

2. I am interested in Judicial Services and Civil Services. I’m confused as to which among the two should be given preference in order to enable more contribution towards the nation.

3. Also, whether coaching is necessarily required for both ? If yes, then when should I start taking it?

Here are Arvind’s Answers:

1. Civil Service Exams, like all competitive ones, demand a lot of reading.

So you might wanna develop your reading habits for the same.

I would say, the best is start reading The Hindu News paper and may be some good non-fictions as of now.

2. I am sure you can contribute well in nation building irrespective of your profession.

3. Yes coaching helps for the fact that you get pin pointed precise detailing on what to read and how to read and write.

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