Call for Papers: iProbono’s Publication on Equality Law and LGBT Rights: Submit by Nov 25

The LGBT+ community around the world have faced systematic discrimination and structural inequality for centuries. Shunned by the political and social forces in society, they survive consistent harassment, violence, abuse and other forms of exploitation every single day.

The progressive evolution of protection frameworks, social acceptance, and political views is a huge achievement for the movement, but there is a long way to go. In many parts of the world, society remains notably hostile to their inclusion and equal treatment. Discrimination continues as a result of a deeply rooted gender bias that breeds in contemporary patriarchal societies.

Call for Papers

iProbono aims to collate research, findings, perspectives and most importantly stories from within the LGBT+ community to support the movement as a part of our Equality Law Program. We invite you to submit original, previously unpublished essays on any of the themes listed below which raise key issues in the protection and promotion of LGBT+ rights in South Asia.

Your essay can cover one or all of these themes and the topics are merely suggestive. If the essay is about any other relevant substantive issue, it will be considered on the basis of merits.

The selected essays will feature in iProbono’s 2020 Publication on Equality Law and LGBT+ Rights along with extraordinary stories from the community, compelling interviews from our stakeholders, photographs, and other media.


  1. Legal protection of the transgender community in South Asia;
  2. Decriminalisation of same-sex relations under colonial laws in South Asia;
  3. Role of stakeholders including the judiciary, government, law enforcement authorities and the private sector in promoting LGBT+ rights;
  4. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association for the LGBT+ community – manoeuvring closing civic space;
  5. Discrimination based on sexual orientation;
  6. Safeguarding economic, social and cultural rights of the LGBT+ community;

Who can Apply?

We are collecting essays from legal practitioners, academicians, social workers, policymakers and others belonging to diverse disciplines including law, political science, and human rights.


Enhance your knowledge of the LGBT+ movement and the key challenges in the socio-political context of South Asia.
Recognition of your work on an international platform. The essay will be edited by experts in the field. All accepted essays will be published on iProbono’s website as part of an online publication and archive.

Submission Guidelines

  1. The essays and the abstract should be in English. Essays or contributions in other languages will be accepted as long as accompanied by an English translation of a suitable standard.
  2. Interested authors must submit a 500-word abstract by 25 November 2019. The abstract should form a comprehensive summary of the content and include the research question(s), methodology, purpose, background, and conclusion.
  3. The organisation will contact you by 9 December 2019 if your submission is selected. The final paper must be submitted by 10 February 2020.
  4. The abstract should be formatted as follows: A4 size, Calibri font size 12 with 1-inch wide margins and send via email to meenakshi.menon[at]
  5. The final paper should not exceed 5000 words.

Important Dates

  1. Abstract submission deadline: 25 November 2019
  2. Invitation to submit the final essay: 9 December 2019
  3. Final essay submission deadline: 10 February 2020

Contact Information

E-mail: meenakshi.menon[at]

The website link is here.

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